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Aquasana- Living Healthy

I usually don’t do reviews at all on my diy website. But….last month I was given a opportunity to try a “>Aquasana Shower Water Filterwith Chrome Wand in my home, in exchange for writing a review. This review is 100% my own opinion. This is what they sent me…
I was so excited for this opportunity, to see if it works. The city I live in has horrible water. I had complained to the Water Co, when I moved to this city. You wouldn’t want to drink it right out of the tap. Taste is terrible. I would never drink from the tap. When you clean your dishes, it leaves a film…you can see it on your glass bowls, all the spots, it looks horrible like it wasn’t even cleaned. You have to clean your dishes again and dry with a towel right away. I could go on and on, but I will spare you all the details. I have one of those water filter containers I keep in the fridge for drinking, my coffee, etc. I love my coffee, and I can surely taste a difference from filtered water and tap!

Now let’s get to the shower. Before receiving this,  after showering the shower stalls were left with a white film, that is so hard to get rid of. After your shower, if you don’t wipe down the water from walls and floor really good with a towel, you’re left with the white film. When my sons visit, they tell me the water in the shower is terrible, which is another reason I  was excited to try this product to see if it works. I was very hesitant on getting over excited just in case I didn’t see or feel a difference. It installed very easily. The shower head is very light, I really appreciate that. I liked the different shower massage settings, and it was easy to change while the water is on.

The first thing I did after I had it all set up and ready to go was to turn on the cold water, let it run a minute, then taste it. Yes, I did tasted it, In my opinion, that was the first test. I wanted to see if there was a difference in the taste, and there was! No strong, awful taste in my mouth. I was so hopeful.

I waited a month to write this review, I wanted to give it a chance and see if there was any difference in anything. I can say, without a shadow of doubt that I have seen an improvement. I feel cleaner, probably because there is no more residue left on my hair or skin. After a month, my hair feels thicker and clean. My skin feel smoother and softer and it’s not so dry anymore. I live in the desert where it can really dry out your skin, and mine was seriously dry. It sounds strange but I’m thinking it doesn’t have that  residue from the chlorine, lead, and whatever else that’s in the water lingering on my hair and skin. I can tell it balances out the water’s  PH balance.
I know my skin and hair were affected by some treatments I had almost a year ago. I have always had thick hair, but it had come back dry and thin. . It really makes your hair feel so much cleaner. It looks better, feels thicker,  curls better, and I am getting some shine back in my hair.

Since moving here, I have one of those water filter containers in my fridge. I use it for drinking, my coffee, doggies water bowl, etc.
So now that I know this Aquasana shower filter works, I want all the water in my house to be as good as it is in the shower. Can you imagine your whole house having clean, healthy water. I read some of the information from the Aquasana site. I wasn’t even thinking about my clothes in the washer, or how clean and spotless my dishes would come out of the dishwasher. It sure would be nice not having to wipe all the spots off.

So now I need the  Aquasana “whole home filtering system. It is so worth it. Good thing they have a 50% off this month…I am going to save up for this.

whole house water filtration system
Whole House Water Filter
Whole House Water Filter


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  1. I agree with you 100%.I wish I received this offer 10 years ago when I moved here. I lived here /went to school in Palm Springs. The water was so good back then. Thank you for your comment..


  2. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have water that bad. I must say our water here is pretty darn good. I’m not a big water drinker, but I try to drink as much as possible, like you my skin and hair is so dry and if I didn’t drink so much water I hate to think how bad it would be.
    I am so glad that has worked in your shower and hopefully you can get the whole house system soon.

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    1. Thank you Patty. It is just disappointing when the head of the Water co. states we have the best underground water wells. I knew it was a lie,I lived in surrounding cities most of my life, water was good. Water was here when I lived here in high school. I could go on and on about this Patty, but it would just get me in a bad mood. I gotta be like ‘Norma Rae’…haha. Do you remember that movie?


      1. I sure do remember that movie, one of the best. I have learned the hard way you can’t fight city hall or utility’s, haha. It is best not to dwell on things that make angry, it just isn’t good for our health.

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