Mailbox Makeover

My Mailbox was in need of a makeover….really bad. I stripped off the numbers and sanded it down smooth.

DSCN5063 (2).JPG

I started by painting the front and the back of the box in Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray paint. I decided to mod podged the inside of the box with some pretty coordinating paper. ( My mail women is so sweet, and I thought it would make her smile every time she opened my box) I first applied mod podge to the inside of the box. I used the outdoor mod podge.  I then applied 2 coats over it. When it was dry, I sprayed it with the Rustoleum Ultra Clear Sealer.

DSCN5086 (2).JPG

I then attached new letters to the box. I used Gorilla Clear Glue for outdoors. I then sprayed the whole thing in the Rustoleum Copper Metallic Spray Paint.


I just love this color! Now all I have to do is add stacked stone to the blocks that hold it!

PetSmart USA, LLC



      1. I totally agree! It’s easy. Go for a pretty color. Rustoleum puts out a lot of Metallics…really pretty…Or the bright garden green is the color of the year…paint it a pretty green!!! Whatever your fancy.

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