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Glass Gem Candleholder

I wanted to do a project with some items I could pick up at a dollar store. A craft that ‘anyone’ can do. I grabbed a small round glass vase, candle holder, and glass gems and a flame less led timer tea light :

DSCN5009 1

I use the Gorilla Clear Outdoor Glue if I’m going to keep outside. You can use hot glue, if you are keeping inside the house. will melt off in the sun/heat

I started by gluing the glass gems all around the bottom of the vase.. I put a dab of the glue on a gem, then let it sit a couple of minutes. I did this to a few.DSCN5014.JPG

I then added them to the bottom of the vase.DSCN5021

See how pretty it is looking!  I added crushed shell I had purchased from Walmart.I then put some glue on the candle holder.


I then placed the round vase I decorated on top of the holder:

DSCN5056 (2)

I put a flameless led candle inside….It really looks pretty! The timer is so perfect…comes on and off when you want! (note: the candle holder is upside down on purpose. It looked better with the vase)

See how easy that was!!! You can do!!!

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43 thoughts on “Glass Gem Candleholder

      1. I can pick up some shells on the beach and crush them – no problem. Let’s see if my daughter-in-law allows something like that in the house, then I can do it with the girls, and each one of them will have her own candle to light on Friday night.

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      2. Ohh, that’s a good idea. I purchased a bag of the crushed shell at walmart. I’ve used it for so many projects…I like your idea of natural looking shells. I was going to put sand inside, so candles can drip freely without worry. They do have those small tea light candles that are on a timer…that would be great. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about the girls burning their fingers. Thank you honey for looking. Keep me updated!

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      3. Well, when we light candles, they have to be real candles, and we protect the little ones’ fingers by having a long thin candle wrapped in foil that we first light for them, then they can use it to light the Sabbath or holiday candle. Some people have fancy silver candle holders for those, but I don’t.

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  1. I didn’t know Gorilla glue made an outdoor glue. a few years ago I made garden “Art” out of some old dishes. most have fallen apart I mostly used E6000 and silicone. I will get the out door stuff and give that a try to put them back together.

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    1. I’m surprised the E6000 didn’t work. I use the gorilla glue because it comes clear and can be used outside. Here in the desert, with the high heat, it still holds up. Follow the directions. Let it sit on one piece for a couple of minutes, then put together.


  2. Where do buy these larger candles? I’ve only found the tea lights. The candles you used are they the same components as the tea lights which I use everyday and are not toxic. Thank you love the idea.

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