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Up Cycled CD/DVD Cabinet


This was a fun project. My son didn’t want this cd/dvd cabinet anymore, so it ended up in my craft room. I thought about it for a bit, and then came up with the idea of putting my spray paints and chalk paints in it for storage. That would work out super! This is what it looked like before I worked my magic!

DSCN0847 (2).JPG

This is what it looks like now…

DSCN0980 (3).JPG

It looked pretty rough before……but I love a challenge! I started by cleaning it all up, and painting the inside and outside white.


I have seen pretty furniture with stripes on them all over the internet. I have a bookcase in my room I have been wanting to redo with stripes. I haven’t ever painted stripes before so I thought I could practice on this piece.
I had three different sizes of Frog Tape, but ended up going with the smallest…

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36 thoughts on “Up Cycled CD/DVD Cabinet

    1. Wasn’t it gross! Look at it now! People don’t realize what they discard goes into landfills, or my house if I see it first! I have taken some really more gross than that….did you see the ‘Fountain’ Upcycle…who would pick that up??? Me!! Probably you too!

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