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Cans, Cans, Cans!

I just did a post on Jars a few days ago….now the cans are calling for my attention! Seriously, you are just not going to believe all of the things you can create using tin cans and other simple and cheap craft supplies! I first fell in love with the idea of converting tin cans into household décor when I saw some gorgeous tin can wind chimes. But then I ran a few searches online and I stumbled across a ton of equally amazing ideas.

These projects don’t stop at decorative items either. Some of them are useful, like toys for your kids, vases for plants, or lights. There is even a project for a working camera that you can shoot real pictures with—made out of a tin can!

Here are some incredible tin can recycling projects that will blow your mind! I can’t wait to try these projects for myself, and I know you’ll be just as excited to do some of these yourself!I have been saving my tin cans for a while now!!

I am sure you have all seen the first one, but it is such a wonderful idea! You glue different size cans to a piece of wood:


Then you use the Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint:


They don’t look like cans anymore! Nail several bare cans directly to the wall or attach them using magnets to make a tidy craft system:


Tea and coffee tins can be reused to hold the same contents, but can look a thousand times better with a little attention.


They sure don’t look like tea and coffee cans anymore. These were done with scrapbook paper. 5can

So how about some shabby chic ideas with cans.  These three received a shabby makeover using two shades of burlap,some just twine…and vintage shoe clips.
framed out triple shot
Aren’t they pretty!
Coffee Cans….most of us have them…don’t throw them out! Look at these adorable crafts you can make with them….
Aren’t those adorable.Can you draw a face?
Okay, the next one seems like something a guy could get into. Girls too! Robots!
Aren’t those a adorable way to use old cans!
Here is a ‘chic’ robot:
Here are some more ideas:
do this one

Top left: Button Covered Vase, All You
Top right: Caddy, Shabby Chic Inspired
Bottom left: Caddy, Cynthia Shaffer
Bottom right: Jute Covered Vase, The Thrifty Crafter

For a more feminine look:


While the upcycled tin can above has a timeworn look about it, these upgraded tin cans have a beautiful shine. Nonetheless, their appearance is still definitely quite vintage. I am loving the pale pinks and the delicate designs. They would add a feminine touch to any home. Source: mollymell

Here’s another one for kids to do:


These have to be the cutest lawn ornaments I’ve ever seen. As you can see, they are just basic painted tin cans with little eyes and colored floral wire for wings. At the link you will find a full list of supplies along with a tutorial. This would be loads of fun to do with your children!

DIY Instructions & Source: www.myveryeducatedmother

This next one I think is really pretty:


Just a mixture of seeds and  sewcraftalicious

I love this look:


I can never get enough of that rustic look. Look at these tin can goodies I found at Crafts and Chic Décor. LOVE the one wrapped in the old newspaper print. There are really all different ways you can make these cans have that country, sort of rustic look.

Thinking of kids:


Cutest Tin Can Owls DIY. Aren’t they gorgeous! I need to make some like NOW!

Now there is another use for the cans, but I haven’t tried it. I’m not the most coordinated person, and I would probably cut myself. But these are all over the internet


I wouldn’t recommend the above craft for children, but aren’t they cute!

Coffee can lanterns are all over the internet.


hese are hanging lanterns made from coffee cans that I found atDesign Sponge via maggie makes . Just imagine these hanging all around from the branches of a tree at night or sitting on a table outside in your backyard, balcony or patio.. so pretty! This is a nice, photo illustrated tutorial and they were even kind enough to share a printable template of the designs they used for these beautiful lanterns. Here were a few things I was thinking as I read the tutorial:

  • In the tutorial it says to use a hammer to punch the holes but I think you could probably use a drill also if you wanted. You could drill different sized holes by changing the size of the drill bits.
  • You could even use a Dremel with different attachments if you wanted. They even have a Dremel attachment that you can use to cut shapes into metal cans.
  • DO be very careful when working with cutting these cans! Make sure the cans are firmly in place when you are working on them and as always use high powered tools with care! It’s also a good idea to wear gloves and safety goggles.

Here are some more ideas for cans:


Top left: Storage Organizers, Houzz
Top right: Halloween Votives, Better Homes and Gardens
Bottom left: Robot Dog, Martha Stewart
Bottom right: Bag Holder, Creating a House of Grace

6497017_f520 (1)

What a creative idea! I have never seen anything like these hanging tuna can candle holders I found at Crescent and Old Lace. Even though they look to be mounted on the wall, they are actually suspended with strings of jute that is connected to a wooden hanger. You can see lots of other photos plus the instructions how to make them at the link. Wouldn’t these look pretty with glitter on the inside…sparkling.

What a about a tin can nightlight!


The Upcycled Blog

These are not only a useful way to use cans but….so pretty. Wouldn’t these look great in your kitchen window


Again, The new color, rustoleum copper is gorgeous!

I love the old tins, they add so much flavor to your decor:


No if you are going to grow herbs or plants in tin cans….be sure to drill a hole at the bottom for the excess water to escape. If you don’t have a drill, use a hammer and nail. I would then line the bottom with a coffee filter cut the size of the bottom, then add your dirt. If your not making a hole in the bottom. Be sure to add small pebbles on the bottom of the can so the roots aren’t sitting in water.

So, did any of these spark a idea? Start saving your cans!!!Not only can you make awesome things from them but you are putting less into the landfills.

Thank you so much for checking out my post! USA, LLC USA, LLC


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      1. Not in my window, unfortunately. First of all, I am on the North side, which is considered the best in South Florida, but even plants don’t want to thrive in my apartment. Secondly, I have two cats who LOVE anything live and green. Anyway, I don’t have a green thumb; it’s my brother who sings to plants and reads poetry to them.

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  1. Great roundup of ideas. My friend is getting married at the end of the month and has made more than 50 tealight holders out of tin cans (by nailing through) so I’ve been donating empties for a while, but once they’re mine again i

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  2. I think I got can fever! For sure some of my tins will be planters very soon. Love the ‘scary – crazy little can men! Funny! Have to do some tea light holders. I actually purchased some tool that you place on a can and hit the back of this tool with a hammer to make a hole…. seriously. Oh, have you ever heard to fill your can up with water, freeze it, then hit your holes in the can. I wanted to ask the expert! What do you think about that Kelley? ~Kim

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    1. Hi Kim, I am so glad you have ‘can ‘ fever…hahaa. Filling them up with water and then putting in the freezer, does make it easier to make you holes. If you have a drill, with a small drill bit, that would work also. Use a drill bit that is made for metal. No problem at all going in. I have done the ice before, and it does work. There are so many things you can do with them….even make windchimes out of cans….especially if you don’t like your neighbors…loud! hahaa I made one and realized it was too noisy at night…don’t want to make the natives restless…hahaa

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