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Jars, Jars, Jars Updated!

I played around with some more jars, and wanted to add them to this post!


Using your round pouncer pounce all the different colors on the jar.


This jar just happened to be the right size for the solar light…this looks cute sitting between the two turquoise chairs I madeover.

This mason jar had a bigger mouth, so I took the center out of the lid, and placed the solar on top…perfect fit.


At the dollar store…they have these vases and candle holders….


Just put them on top of each other with some Gorilla Adhesive Clear Glue..


the pic isn’t that good…but…doesn’t it look more elegant and add more depth to the vase when placed on the holder.

Well today I was taking it a little easy. I have been collecting and saving jars for a long time now, and today was a perfect day to play with them. Have you ever thought about how many jars you throw in the recycle bin? From spaghetti sauce jars to coffee jars, they can all be reused. I started with a small mason jar, some glitter and mod podge.


I wanted to do something different…something not ordinary. I took some painters tape and wrapped a piece around the jar at a angle.


I then brushed some mod podge on the bottom half of the jarDSCN4942

I then sprinkled some pretty blue glitter on top of the mod podge.DSCN4943

Isn’t that a pretty color! When it was dry, I took off the tape and added a piece of rope around its neck.

You can add a solar to the top of this also:


On some of the jars mouth’s they may be too big for the solar. So remove the inside of the lid and the solar fits on perfectly!

For the second jar, I decided to use chalk paint in a silver color. When it dried, I added a dark chalk wax. I then wrapped a ribbon around it. My friend had given me some shells when she moved.  I love the shell I picked for this one!


Remember those led candles I made over into chunky candles? You can see it here:  Although I love just how they look now, with summer coming, I wanted to make it beachy looking. I love summer!


I had some of the net wire ribbon leftover so I decided to wrap it around the candle.

I had some empty Starbucks coffee bottles, and decided to do something different with those. I chose 2 different colors of craft paint, and poured about half of the bottle in each. While holding the bottle at a angle, I slowly turned the jar, so the paint inside would cover all the insides of the jar.


So, are you ready to see all the jars finished? Here they are:


Ohh, I forgot. I took another small mason jar, added some sand, and a picket fence you can make from Popsicle sticks.


I had so much fun playing with these today. So remember….save those bottles. Kids would love doing this, and Easter vacation is coming around. My little friend will be coming over next week to do crafts with me. Can’t wait!

And if you are going to take any of these outside, or just want to put a sealer on it…try Rustoleum’s Clear Coat Sealer in the spray can under $4 at home depot. I use it on all my outdoor crafts. It will last a long time.



33 thoughts on “Jars, Jars, Jars Updated!

  1. I save most of my jars, I have a nice big basement, so I’m able to store them down there. It is so much fun to create fun stuff with them and most of us already have everything on hand to create fun pretty things from our jars, and we are using what we have on hand so it is free or close to it. I to love summer and it is so much fun to create summer jars for my patio, even if it is just putting fairy lights in the jar and taping the little switch to the top so it doesn’t show.
    Love the post and you have given me some good ideas, thanks so much. I just want to tell you how much I love your blog, you keep it real for the average person, allowing us who were to busy with work and raising family’s to learn crafts, so you girl have taught me so much and thank you.

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    1. Oh thank you so much Patty for the sweet compliments. Yes, I have been there and done that! My kids are grown! I am so happy you enjoy my blog! How come you haven’t shown me the fairy jar you made???????


      1. Haha lets just say I am not tech savy. Sometimes I can download a pix and other times no go. My fairy jars are nothing special, I just place the fairy lights in the jar and tape the on/off switch to the lid, the switch is small and light wt. so easy to tape. I did however get a fabulous idea from you, a silhouette jar with fairy lights and it turned out so cute. I place them around my patio and turn them on when I’m out there, the lights are so pretty I could sit out there all night.

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      2. When I unpack them in May I will try I promise, I can’t do it before then because we are in our stormy months and it calms down in may and that is when we plant (never before Derby Day). Anyway when I get them out I will take pix and try to send them to you.

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      3. I got in my address book now so no excuse haha. I’m so anxious to fix my patio up, by the end of every winter it always looks so bad and every year I say I’m not going to let it get that way again. From March to May seems like an eternity, spring fever sets in, but because of the storms and High wind I don’t dare put anything out. I bought new patio furniture and just can’t wait to put it out. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to go through this. I would give anything to be back in sunny California.

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      4. I wish you were here too! Then we could craft together! I have been there where I couldn’t wait to get started on yard. I try to get my outside stuff done before summer…too hot to work outside then..It’s a cloudy day, I wish I
        could go out there now, but I am sick, and this time I’m taking care of myself. I put a stop sign on my saws! hahaa.


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