She-Sheds 2

Last week I asked you if you have  heard of She-Sheds? We’ve all heard of man caves and bachelor pads, but this should be declared the year of the she shed. They are all the craze now, and why shouldn’t they be. Men have their man caves, and hard working moms and busy women deserve their own place to unwind and relax.

So what are she sheds you ask? It’s a lady haven. Doesn’t that sound fabulous! She-sheds is that space in your yard you make just for you. It could be a sitting room, craft room, potting shed, what ever is special to you, to create your own dream space. You can decorate the shed however you like and set it up however you like.

My question to you women out there was….What would your dream she-shed be like? I had so many wonderful responses from all of you. You described your space, and what it would be used for. When I read each of your comments, I closed my eyes and imagined your space, they were so comfy and cozy. Some of you had your idea of what your slice of heaven would be like down to the decor. So many beautiful ideas, I hope some of you have the chance to fulfill them.

I rounded up some pretty awesome she sheds on the internet that sounded like what you ladies were dreaming of. The first is my dream she shed:


Talk about a wonderful escape without going anywhere but your backyard. It’s actually a regular storage shed with lots of style added. You can convert a ordinary tool shed into your own private refuge. Yes, that’s right. You can convert that old storage shed, or purchase a shed at a home improvement store. Whether you’re creating an office, artist studio or a space for your yoga practice, adding French doors to your “she-shed” adds style and natural light to your backyard escape. Here is a ordinary storage shed where french doors and a window were installed. This one is perfect for an office space. Drywall was put up and painted. French doors were installed, and after that….decor!


For the woman that wants her own craft room, where she can sit and design her own creations!

1429212581-purple-craft-shed (1)

Or perhaps just a place to sit and read in cozy silence:

1429212494-english-country-shed (1)

Don’t you just love that one!! Now for those of you that want color…how about this one:


Or perhaps a shed just for your gardening. Everything in one place…


Did you notice how they made a window valance out of handkerchiefs….they just laid them over a extension pole like you use for the shower curtain.One of you mentioned a bed in your dream shed, look what I found:


Doesn’t this look just divine! I wish I could wiggle my nose and suddenly appear there.

I was looking through the internet for She sheds. There are hundreds of them out there. Most are very extravagant, so instead of showing you them….I am showing you how to turn a ordinary storage shed into your dream getaway.  this is a pretty standard shed you can purchase at a home improvement store:


This is one turned into a artist studio:


Once you make, or purchase your shed….let your imagination go wild! You can paint the outside of the shed the same color as your home so it blends in if you’d like. If the shed has ugly walls inside that just look like a storage shed….add drywall, then paint! The fun part is the decorating! The shed has to sit on some type of foundation either wood or concrete. When the foundation is laid…why not make it a little bit bigger like in the picture above. Not only does it look like a porch, but you can add a small table and chairs, plants, whatever your heart desires.

So in conclusion…I am going to show you some storage sheds I think are pretty awesome that have been converted into a she-shed..


Doesn’t it look pretty! Is our hubby handy? There are so many plans to build your own shed on the internet also. If not, check craigslist and garage sales for sheds. Once you have the shed up….your imagination will take over!








41 thoughts on “She-Sheds 2

  1. Interesting concept! I don’t think it must necessarily be in a garden, as not everybody has one, but certainly we all need a private space somewhere. Bearing in mind South Florida weather, I have two of those, inside and outside. The inside one is my “fainting couch” where I read, listen to music, work on laptop, etc. I am surrounded by my favorite art pieces, I can see the kitchen, and the cats can come visit me.
    When it’s not too hot and humid, I can bring my cup of tea or a cold drink to a patio in the courtyard. However, the courtyard is common territory, so it’s not exactly my private space.

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  2. ohhhhh… mind is getting creative!! Although I love crafting, I think my theme would be a relaxing getaway. I would love a big and comfy chair or couch, with MANY pillows and fluffy throws. I would also have hot herbal tea, candles, beautiful lamps and/or chandeliers and many good books to read. I would also like to have music always playing!! Maybe a t.v. for those late night movies!! Just a comfortable place to go and unwind! Thanks for releasing some creative excitement in my mind 🙂


  3. Ha ha ha! Love this idea! Just read your comment on my post, and ten minutes previously I was just explaining to my son why I love my bedroom 🙂 I suppose you can call it my she-shed…basically for me, it has to be somewhere that’s warm and comfortable…not too hot, but I have the windows open so it’s just right…I have a brilliant orthopedic mattress, and loads of throws and cushions…it’s nice and light…generally a couple of cats are in here too, I have books, laptop, crafting stuff (non-messy stuff) and my phone and biscuits! Ideally, I could do with all this in another room as I do have trouble sleeping…looking forward to your post on she-sheds now! Create the perfect haven please 🙂 xox


    1. Sounds wonderful! I have the whole house to myself, except the doggies, but I did build a pergola last year, I love sitting out there and looking at the stars with my doggies. Writing this and doing lots of research so far it’s given me so many ideas…once again, my head is spinning. hahaaa.

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  4. I built my She-shed at my old house after saving my money for two years, I even considered moving it with me, but didn’t. It was 10′ x 12′, made with long-leaf pine siding left over from re-siding our house, 5 divided pane wooden windows, 1 regular window, a wooden door with a divided pane on top, two round vents, and limestone block steps. I hung a stained glass window behind the regular window. I put in shelving, blue jean insulation, a 10 ft potting bench, a soft arm chair, and a colorful hand-crotched rug. I decorated it with all sorts of cool stuff such as baskets hung from the rafter ties, antique bird cages, an antique floor heater, cool pottery, lanterns, signs and smell good things. I still miss it.


  5. Great post!! I always love to have a bath with book, iPhone in a ziplock :), facial moisture mask and cold beverages such as sparkling water, sparkling wine, juice… Once I get in the bathtub, I spend an hour – 2 hours!!
    Weather permitting, I sit on the deck with some pillows and read. I love cooking but the kitchen is not the place.. My She-Sheds would be for relaxing and refreshing 🙂

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  6. I want one! Yes, pops of color everywhere! A daybed or futon, NO computer… Christmas lights and a lava lamp. Old fashioned ‘real’ books. A table for crafts, an antique chest of drawers for supplies and tons of sketchbooks and pens and pencils! A ceiling fan, or a fan secured to the ceiling??? Turquoise, orange and purple! Red can visit too! And a colorful lace curtain that blows in the wind 🙂 I like this idea! ~Kim

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  7. Pastel colored room with glass windows overviewing a garden full of flowers. Peaceful and enough space for me to lounge and relax if I need a lil break from writing. A desk with only an imac for writing or surface studio…and a couple of nice pens and stationery supplies. 😚 and if there can be a hammock outside too. Lols


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