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Hi Everyone! It’s finally warming up here, and that means Summer! I must admit that I love to create crafts that pertain to the ocean. I close my eyes and imagine the sand, waves, and seashells. So I kind of started a little early.

I had purchased this string weeks ago at a dollar store, and today it came to good use. I think the blue and white stripes looks so beachy.

Aviary Photo_131353028415163949.png

I had this orchid that I needed to re pot, so I cleaned the pot it was in. I painted it white, now I just needed to figure out how to start the string. So I took the end of the clothesline, and from the top of pot, I threaded through one of the holes in the bottom. If you don’t have a hole in the bottom of the pot, you can just drill one. It will also serve as the water drainage.


So I threaded it down the pot to bottom, then up, then back down and tied it to itself.  You can also start at the rim of the pot by adding glue all around the top of the pot. The instructions say to let the glue stick for 3 minutes before applying, so I had some free time to get my other project going. More of that one later.

I then applied the string all along the rim on top of the glue.

Aviary Photo_131353029206721281 1.png

Notice I didn’t paint the inside of the pot. I try not to. I don’t want my soil or plant living with it.

What I did to make it easier to wrap around was put a strip of the glue vertically up three sides. I then started wrapping the string around the pot and kept on going until you get to the bottom. I forgot to take pics of the next steps, but you’ll see them in the yellow pot I makeover…so here it is:

Aviary Photo_131353028066174017.png

Do you like it?

So now the other pot. It’s a bigger pot and I want to put a plum-era inside of it. I had purchased a fish net off Amazon. I’m using Gorilla Glue. It’s made for outdoors and is clear. So  I gathered the supplies


I started by placing the net on the pot, this was the hardest part…figuring it all out. I wrapped the net around the pot, and cut off the excess netting. DSCN4771

I decided since it would take a while for the glue to get sticky enough to hold the net, I would start on the bottom. I put a ring of glue around the bottom of the pot about 1 inch from edge. I let it sit upside down for a few hours. I then flipped it over, and put about 4″ inside the pot. It doesn’t really matter how far you put the netting over the rim to the inside of the pot, Just be sure there is enough to glue down. DO NOT DO WHAT I DID!!! I put glue all around the top of the rim. On this project don’t….Aviary Photo_131353029542344681.png

Because if you glue around the inside of the bowl about a inch all the way around, you won’t have to do this:


If I would have went a inch down all the way around….I could have placed something heavy on top to hold the netting down. I didn’t…so above is what I had to do.I waited overnight to dry.


I really think it is cute just like this. The next day, I drew and cut out a little seahorse, and glued it onto the pot.


Something was missing. I remembered I had these shells I had used on the other seahorse I made. So I put them all around the seahorse.


After that was finished I put larger seashells on around the bottom, then pearls and shells around the rim. When I was finished, and it was all dry, I added a coffee filter on the bottom, this will keep the soil from coming through the holes on the bottom


Then I added some small pebbles on top, added some soil, and the plumera.

Aviary Photo_131353027294620738.png

I first put some bark on top to help it during the hot summer months. I then put some of those blue/turquoise glass fillers on top of the soil…now it looks beachy!




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  1. This is so creative and so pretty and whimsical! I am saving this one for my big granddaughter when we visit them in Boston, She collects sea shells, and they have a nice yard. She’ll enjoy a project like that.

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