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More Paintstick Wall Art

A while back ago I made my first decorator mirror with paint sticks…. https://kelleysdiy.com/2016/10/10/sunburst-mirror-2/     Well….here is another one with paintsticks:

paint stick arty

This one was made just like the other one…same principal. The only difference is the edges are cut at a angle, and the center is brown paper (from paper bags) rolled.

Pretty awesome that the only supplies you need to purchase, is perhaps hot glue!



49 thoughts on “More Paintstick Wall Art

      1. Unfortunately, no. The month between Purim and Passover is the busiest time of the year for us in terms of cooking and baking because we have to get rid of everything that is not usable on Passover. That includes flour of all kinds, beans of all kinds, rice, pasta, and quite a few other things. So rather than baking something new, I am breaking my brain over stuff that is here. You’ll see it in my posts.


      2. I would love to meet you as well! My cats are not traveling cats; they are too used to their home comforts. When we travel, a friend stops by every day to take care of them. We love doggies too – all kinds of anumals!

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      3. My doggies are going with me to Illinois. I can’t be that long without them. They travel perfect. They will stay in a shopping cart for a couple of hours, no fuss. Great little travelers!

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      4. When drivers go by me, they smile at Gidget. She sits in her car seat…it’s against the law to hold them on your lap while driving.She is so little, she can’t see over. I purchased this doggie car seat…now she is high up and can see where we are going.

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