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Window Privacy

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share this project with you. I have a long window next to my front door. I don’t like having to put a heavy curtain there, it makes the room so dark. If I put up a sheer, it lets in the light, but anyone can see into the house.

So what can I do to the window so I can see out of it  when the doorbell rings? I want to be able to see out, but people not see in….and let the sunshine in!

This is the before:


This is the window by my front door. Right now the sun is on the other side of the house, but in the morning the sun comes brightly through this window. So what did I do??? How did it turn out??


Wow what a difference!!! Here is what it looks like from outside looking in:


Do you see how from the outside…it just shows reflection of the fountain, not inside!

So what did I do? I applied this…


I ordered 2 8 FL. oz bottles of Gallery Glass from Amazon it takes you to the least expensive value. Under $7 a bottle. All together with shipping….less than $20.

So…how did I do it?? How do you apply it? Well it is sooooo easy! Can you fingerpaint swirls? Then you can do this.This is the first time I ever had tried this product. It is white, but dries clear.

I started by pouring 1 bottle into a glass bowl. I covered the floor area and window seal with a old sheet. I used painters tape all around the sides of the window.  Now this is where it gets fun….yes, I said fun! Starting from the top, start spreading on the stuff with your fingers. Yes, I said your fingers! I just did little swirls with my fingers, like fingerpainting. If you glop (Is that a word?) it on…be sure to work it in. You don’t want any heavy glops. Just little circles all around. This is a up close look….


This is what it looks like from outside….so far:

DSCN4642 1

Do you see how with just the first coat how you already can’t see in very well? When I was finished with the first coat, I went back added more but smaller circles this time.

I know what your thinking….yes it looks a mess!


At this point, I was nervous…but you know me by now…that doesn’t stop me!


This is what it looks like from outside!

I am so happy with it!! I can see out…they can barely see in, very obscured.

I was thinking…a friend of mine spent loads of money on his side window by door. He got the waterfall look, or rain look. It would be interesting to try that. But alas, my home is Mediterranean style, not mid-century modern.

So what do you think?

another great feature…dries fast…after a couple of days…you can clean using windex!


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    1. If your close enough..I would do it for you! But…It’s like finger paint. Get a handful out of the bowl, and just apply to window…then use your fingers to create the swirls.


  1. That is cool. I have a similar issue with several windows at my house. I got some clings, but I haven’t used them yet.They have some very pretty ones through Amazon. I also want to be able to see out, but not let others see in. If I don’t get the effect I want, I may consider this.

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    1. It was so easy honey….finger painting…little circles…for a more modern home I would have used a comb sideways and run it down like the rainfall glass that is sooooo expensive!

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      1. I don’t know about classy….but..I have been dealing with what to do with that window for so long. It’s nice to have it all solved. Thank you honey..did you find another ginger ‘cat’?

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    1. Sometimes I have found some in my Spam folder…In the ‘Dashboard’. If you subscribed to emails…check to see if in SPAM folder….that’s sad 😦 did you see the ottoman I did?

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  2. So, when you use windex, the goop comes off and you are left with the design? I couldn’t find exactly where you said to remove the goop.


    1. No, it can be cleaned with windex if it ever gets dirty. You don’t remove the stuff….You apply a first layer with swirls, then go over it before it dries with the second…and so on. I put on 3 coats. You ‘goop’ it on. I used my hand, dipped into bowl, and gooped/put it on the window. Then you swirl it around with your fingers. At first it looks a mess…but when it starts drying and getting clear…it will make sense. You can make lines with your fingers going down like a ‘rain’ look if you want. Remember when you were young and you started fingerpainting?You put your fingers in the paint and swirled it around…that’s what you do….little swirls though. Did that help?


      1. So it dries clear with the design? If you don’t like it after it dries, is it removable? I really love this idea for my patio glass. Does it stay on if it gets rained on?

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      2. Yes Lisa it is removable. Just do small little circles, with all your fingers on one hand. There should be no globs. You put it on the inside of a window, not the outside. Otherwise you won’t be able to see out. After it is dry, you can wet it, clean it when dirty. I would love to see a pic when your finished! Thank you Lisa, if you have any other questions, I would be happy to answer 😉


  3. Really great idea! I have some bedroom windows that I might try on the lower ones. So, you put this on the inside of the window – correct?

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      1. Just got my 3 bottles in the mail today! I will definitely do it on a window in my garage. Once I see how it looks, I will most likely do the two lower windows in my bedroom! Appreciate this idea so much.

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      2. Oh, I am so excited for you Susie. Remember to cover the window, remember also the edges of the glass.small circles…have fun! It comes off your hands easy. Please show me a pic when your done. Where did you pick them up?


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