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Beautiful DIY Burlap Projects

Burlap….a very popular material, with so many craft possibilities. If you are  looking for the rustic look…this material is perfect. I have researched the internet and found some really awesome projects that you can do to beautify your home.

Burlap Canvas

This is a great project that is perfect for keeping photos or even notes. You can hang it in the kitchen and use the clothespins to hold notes about schedules or important events. You need to purchase a canvas, which you can probably get at your local Dollar Store and you’ll need ribbon or other fabric trim to hold the clothespins which hold your photos or note cards. You can actually put this entire thing together in less than an hour and it’s great for holding recipes or just anything that you want to put on it.
DIY Instructions – Akadesign


Burlap Tote with Shabby Rose

You just can never have too many tote bags and this one is made completely of burlap, right down to the adorable shabby rose on the side. You can actually put the rose anywhere you want but it looks great right next to the strap. Note that you’ll need fabric to cover the inside unless you really do want it completely from burlap. There is also a bit of sewing required but even for beginning sewers, this is a great little project that won’t take up too much of your time and will give you a beautiful tote that you can use at the beach this summer.
DIY Instructions – Lamaisonreid


Burlap and Lace Table Runner

What a beautiful way to dress up a fall table! This lace and burlap table runner is as easy to make as it is beautiful. You can use it during other seasons but it will be perfect for those fall dinners and even Thanksgiving. It’s such a simple project, too. You just have to cut your burlap and then add the lace. You can make it wider by adding wider lace or just add a thin lace border to make it smaller. You can also toggle the length to fit your specific table length and this would be great even for coffee tables or dressers.
DIY Instructions – Celebrations


Rustic Burlap Vase

This beautiful vase is actually made with an upcycled tin can. You just clean the can thoroughly and then glue the burlap all the way around. You’ll have to cut the burlap to ensure that it fits perfectly lengthwise and then top it off with a lovely satin or lace ribbon. You could also crochet a topper and run the ribbon through that. These would be great for weddings to hold flowers on the table or you could just have a few of them sitting around the house this summer holding lovely wildflowers. A little hot glue will hold the burlap and ribbons perfectly in place.
Available on: Etsy Burlap rustic vases


Erasable Dinner Menu

This menu is certainly going to dress up your kitchen and it serves such a handy little function. You can keep track of all of the meals that you are planning to make for the week. This lets you know that you have everything you need on hand and keeps all of your dinners perfectly organized. The project itself is really easy and you can use whatever color schemes you want so that you can match it perfectly to your kitchen décor. These would also make wonderful gifts.
DIY Instructions – Bystephanielynn10-dinner-menu-frame

Pottery Barn Inspired Frenchy Pillow

This gorgeous monogramed pillow is perfect for any bedroom and comes complete with a lovely bouquet of burlap flowers. If you already have the burlap and filling on hand, this one won’t cost you anything, which is a lot cheaper than Pottery Barn versions that can run nearly $50 with the monogram. You could do these in a smaller version as well to dress up the bed or even a couch if you want and they take very little time to complete.
DIY Instructions – Confessionsofaplateaddict11-burlap-diy-pillow

Burlap Wreath

You can create this lovely burlap wreath and make different decorations for it so you can leave it hanging all year and simply change it a bit to match each season. The wreath itself takes very little time to create and you need very few supplies. You just apply the burlap material to your wreath form, or you could make it from wire if you prefer, and then add whatever decorations you want. It takes several yards of burlap depending on how full you want the wreath to be and you can add wooden lettering or other embellishments using floral wire.
DIY Instructions – Theturquoisehome9

Burlap Fabric Planter

These little planters are easy to make and the perfect way to display your lovely spring flowers. After you have planted your flowers in the coco fiber liner, you simply “wrap” it all up in burlap and add a ribbon or bow. You can sit these directly on the ground or keep them on the porch if you want something to dress up your curb appeal just a bit. They are easy to do and look beautiful when you have several of them grouped together.
DIY Instructions – Themotherhuddle12.jpg

White Burlap Bunnies

Whether you are looking for a really unique project for Easter or you just absolutely adore bunnies, you are sure to love this easy burlap bunny project. Note that you don’t really have to do these in white. If you prefer natural burlap (or any other color for that matter) you can use whatever color you prefer. You just have to cut the bunny form out of the burlap, hand stitch it and remember to fill before you close it up. These would be great for homemade Easter baskets or just anywhere you want a whimsical and really cute decoration.
DIY Instructions – Cottageatthecrossroads14

Anthropologie Inspired Ruffled Lampshade

You only need about a yard and a half of burlap to create this beautiful ruffled lampshade, which would look perfect in any room in your house. You can use an old lamp base that you already have or pick one up for a buck or two at your local thrift store or a yard sale. Then just paint the base whatever color you want and get to work on your Anthropologie inspired shade. You don’t even have to sew this one. You can use fabric glue to keep the ruffles together, making it as easy to create as it is beautiful.
DIY Instructions – Tatertotsandjello19-burlap-lampshade.jpg

Burlap Utensil Holders

These little utensil holders are the perfect things to dress up your Thanksgiving dinner table. Of course, if you don’t want to wait until Thanksgiving to use them, they are also great for summer get-togethers. They are very simple to make and you don’t have to sew anything. You can put them together with a hot glue gun and then just add the adornments or name tags or whatever else you want to decorate them. A little piece of twine is perfect for adding names or any special message you want to share with your dinner guests.
DIY Instructions – Iheartnaptime


Burlap Wrapped Vase

Just a strip of burlap, a plain glass vase and a little lace will help you to create these beautiful burlap wrapped vases that are great for weddings or for anywhere in the home. You can easily stencil images or words onto the vases with white paint and then use white lace to tie them together. You can cover any vase and even recycle wine bottles or just about anything else that you want to turn into a vase with this project. It’s quick and easy and costs very little – nothing at all if you have a little burlap and other supplies on hand.
DIY Instructions – To-be-charmed


Earring Display

This great earring display is made from burlap and set in a picture frame. It’s really easy to make and you can pick up picture frames for around a dollar each so it’s also very inexpensive. You just have to staple the burlap to the frame’s matting and then paint the frame whatever color you want. Earrings that have fishhook closures will slip right into the burlap and you can put other types of earrings in here as well. Take some time to customize it just a bit and this would make a wonderful gift for someone who has more earrings than they know what to do with.
DIY Instructions – Cucicucicoo18.jpg

Burlap Covered Kitchen Chair

Give an old kitchen chair a great makeover by covering it with burlap. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in reupholstering, this is a fairly easy project. You just have to cut the burlap and then attach it to the seating area, covering the old fabric or you can remove the old piece first. If needed, you can also add a bit more padding to make the chair much more comfortable. This is a great weekend project, particularly if you want to recover all of your kitchen chairs in burlap. For just one chair, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.
DIY Instructions – Boyohboyohboycrafts19.jpg

Pocketed Burlap Corkboard

Whether you have an old corkboard that you want to cover up or you want to pick one up at your Dollar Store (they’re about a buck each), this is a great project that gives a little boost to an ordinary memo board. The burlap is folded in certain areas so it will perfectly hold photos or letters, whatever you need to put in there. You can use thumbtacks to hold things on it as well so it really works to help you keep organized and the little pockets are very convenient for those on the go.
DIY Instructions – Uncommondesignsonline20

Burlap Bunny Bag

A cute little tote bag complete with a purple bunny (or you could do whatever color you wanted) will look great this Easter. You can use this for Easter egg hunts or carry it as a purse if you want. It’s a relatively easy bag to make and you can even add a cute little cotton tail to your bunny to make it really adorable. This project calls for a burlap bag that is already made but you could easily make your own and even do these in different colors of burlap to give away as gifts.
DIY Instructions – Thecasualcraftlete


Burlap Banner

Decorate this fall (or spring, summer or winter) with a lovely burlap banner that you can easily make yourself. You just have to cut the pieces for the banner, stencil in whatever you want to say and then glue some jute or twine to each piece to hold them together and hang them. This would be really nice as a Christmas or Thanksgiving banner or you could easily turn it into an Easter banner with bunnies or anything else you want to add.
DIY Instructions – Iheartnaptime


Rustic Burlap Ottoman

If you have an old ottoman that you need to reupholster, why not do it in burlap? This is a great look that matches virtually any living room décor and is actually much easier to do than you may think. You just have to remove the fabric from the ottoman and then replace it with enough burlap to cover it and have a little extra to tack down on the sides. If you don’t have an old ottoman, you can probably get one pretty cheap at a yard sale or your local thrift store.
DIY Instructions – Lizmarieblog


Burlap Laundry Sign

This burlap sign will look great in the laundry room and it’s so easy to make that you can finish it in less than a day. You’ll need a frame to hang it and you will also need to print off the cute little laundry saying directly onto your burlap. Believe it or not, printing on burlap is really easy and you can do it with a normal printer. Once you learn this handy little trick you’ll want to be printing all sorts of things onto burlap. When you have finished with the printing, just frame the saying and hang it in your laundry room.
DIY Instructions – Domestically-speaking


Beautiful Burlap Christmas Angel

Now is the time to begin making those unique decorations for Christmas and this burlap angel is a must if you love the rustic look. These would also make wonderful gifts and they are really easy to do. Wired burlap ribbon is used for the wings and there are a few other supplies that you will need as well. They are really inexpensive to make and you can decorate them in any number of ways so you can make different styles that are completely unique.
DIY Instructions – Uncommondesignsonline30.jpg

Beaded Burlap Napkin Rings

These napkin rings are really elegant and perfect for romantic dinners, weddings or just anytime you want something a little extra-special. There are actually a couple of different ways that you can make napkin rings with burlap and they are all relatively easy. If you like the look of beads, you can just cut the burlap, add the beads and then sew the ends together to create the ring. Sewing will probably work better than fabric glue for this one but you can sew it by hand so no machine is needed.
DIY Instructions – Fabyoubliss31.jpg

Burlap Topiary

You can create these adorable burlap topiaries in all different sizes so they are perfect for indoors and out. Make a couple of rather large ones for standing up outside your front door or you could make smaller ones to create a beautiful centerpiece or table display. You can add them to a really colorful planter to use in spring or put them in white to decorate during the fall and winter. These are great. They are easy to make and you can do so much with an adorable topiary in terms of decorating.
DIY Instructions – Designdininganddiapers33.jpg

Basket Weave Burlap Table Runner

This table runner looks really complicated but it is a very easy project. You will need to be able to create the basket weave effect, which is much simpler than it looks. As you go along, be sure to glue down each piece so that they will stay perfectly in place. This is a great runner for dining room tables or you could make them in different sizes for coffee tables, dressers or just anywhere you want them. Make smaller, squared versions to replace doilies.
DIY Instructions – Taradennis34

French Inspired Magazine Rack

If you tend to have magazines thrown about (in the bathroom, perhaps), then this magazine rack is a definite must. It is really easy to make and will take you less than an hour from start to finish. The burlap is folded up so you just roll the magazines up and slide them right into place. You can decorate this however you want but it looks really good in a French design. It’s so easy you may just want to create one for every bathroom in your house or use it in the kitchen to hold all of your cooking magazines.
DIY Instructions – Thegraphicsfairy35

Burlap Photo Wreath

If you are planning to make a burlap wreath, why not really customize it and add family photos? This is a beautiful gift idea if you are looking for something really unique for Mother’s Day or just make one for yourself. The photos are tied on with bows in coordinating colors and the overall look is simply gorgeous. You start with a wreath form and some wired burlap ribbon and from there, you can actually customize it just about any way you want to make it totally unique.
DIY Instructions – Thistlewoodfarms37.jpg

Burlap Project Bin

What better place to store all of those crafting supplies than in a great DIY burlap bin? This is a really easy project that won’t even take you a day to complete and once you are finished, you will have a wonderful place to store just about anything. A little burlap, some upholstery tacks and some small wooden bins (think the types that oranges come in) and you’re all set to create an attractive bin that could be used for any number of organization projects.
DIY Instructions – Gardenhouseliving36.jpg

No-Sew Stenciled Burlap Pillows

Twine bows are used to hold this adorable burlap pillow together so there really is no sewing involved. It’s a great project if you have a couple of hours to spare and the time really depends on how complicated your stenciling is. If you just want a small picture or message, you can finish this up in less than an hour. The twine around the edges is a really nice touch and it gives it a great country feel and all with absolutely no sewing required.
DIY Instructions – Debbie-debbiedoos39

Coffee Bag Purse

Forget paying hundreds of dollars for a Dior original. You can make this adorable coffee sack purse yourself for less than $10 – depending on the materials that you have on hand. You will need an old book for the supporting frame and then you just have to sew it all together. It’s actually a lot easier than it looks and you will end up with a bag that very strongly resembles Dior’s coffee bag purse only you’ll have a few hundred dollars left over. If you’re not a fan of the coffee bags, just use plain burlap and maybe a few stencils to get the design that you want.
DIY Instructions – Trinketsinbloom40

Burlap Purse with Shabby Rose Decoration

If you want a really easy sewing project and you are in the market for a new purse, this shabby rose purse is a great choice. The rose is made of burlap and in a contrasting color, it really stands out. You can complete this project in a weekend or even in a day if you are quite the seasoned sewer. It would make a wonderful gift for someone who likes things on the unique side or just make it for yourself. It has loads of room on the inside and is much easier to make than it looks.
DIY Instructions – Lamaisonreid41

Barrel Shade Chandelier

While you may not be able to make this entire chandelier, you can certainly make the barrel shade that covers on it. The shade is completely covered in burlap which makes it both elegant and rustic at the same time. You may be surprised at how easy it is to create this look, which would be perfect in a foyer or formal dining room. The entire look will cost you less than $15 and take only about an hour or so to complete.
DIY Instructions – Burlapanddenim43.jpg

Vintage Wire Basket

This rustic looking basket would make a wonderful hamper in your bathroom or bedroom or you could make a smaller version and use it for magazines or anything else you need. You just line the inside of the vintage wire basket with burlap and then add any decorations or adornments that you want. If you are using it for décor, just add a few burlap pillows to the top and you’re all set. You could also use it for a gift basket and fill with various other burlap type décor.
DIY Instructions – Gailsdecorativetouch38

Burlap Tiki Torches

Save those empty wine bottles this spring and by summer you could have several gorgeous burlap tiki torches lighting up your outdoor living spaces. If you paint the bottles before you begin, you could have very colorful lighting or you could leave them clear – whichever way you prefer. Make a few burlap flowers to decorate them and then simply create the tiki torches which you can use on your outdoor table or affix them to poles and stick them all around your yard. Burn citronella oil in them to get a nice glow that also wards off pesky bugs.
DIY Instructions – Hometalk45.jpg

Burlap Baker’s Apron

You can make this really great baker’s apron with no sewing whatsoever. You simply have to cut the burlap (you can use a burlap bag to get the writing that you want) and draw in armholes to cut out. Then just cut out the apron form and use a good fabric glue to attach the black seam. This will also keep the burlap from fraying and it looks great as a contrasting background. These would be perfect as gifts for anyone you know who loves to bake or make one for the special Dad in your life for Father’s Day – he can do all of his grilling in style.
DIY Instructions – Gailsdecorativetouch73-apron

Bathroom Subway Art

Subway art has become very popular and what could be better than printing that subway art onto burlap. This bathroom subway art is a beautiful way to decorate the powder room and you can colored stones that you can find at your local craft store to decorate it a bit. Just print the subway art off onto your burlap, frame it and then decorate around it. It’s really simple and something that will take you literally only minutes to put together.
DIY Instructions – Domestically-speaking46

Burlap Table Bouquet

If you are planning a burlap wedding, these little table bouquets will be perfect for decorating your reception. If you aren’t currently planning a wedding, you can still make these and just use them to decorate around the house. They are simply folded burlap with ribbon tied around to keep them in place and then filled with lovely flowers. You can use whatever flowers you want or decorate them a bit of you want. You can literally make these in about ten minutes each so if you are planning a wedding, this is a really quick way to get those tables decorated.
DIY Instructions – Propcloset88-napkin.jpg

This is a wonderful list of burlap projects. Most of these projects are easy!! I hope this has inspired you to create!!!


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