Home Improvements

Painted Kitchen Countertop Makeover

I finished with the bathroom Makeover…now it’s kitchen time!!!! This is what I decided to go with….Giani Sicilian Sand Kit… I want to let you know that I do not have any relationship with Giani,nor did I recieve it for exchange for review. I tried this brand after I did a lot of research on…… Continue reading Painted Kitchen Countertop Makeover

Crafts · Kids

Cute Upcycled Planters With Kids In Mind

Let’s recycle by creating upcycled planter characters with your older children. Whenever I look at something, I try to look outside the box a bit. You can inspire creativity by looking at plastic containers around the house in a different way.  Wondering which characters to make? Here are some really neat ideas: Aren’t these characters adorable!!!…… Continue reading Cute Upcycled Planters With Kids In Mind