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Shaggy Ottoman

A few months ago, when taking my doggies for a walk, I found these outdoor foot stools discarded on the curb . My bestest friend in the whole world walks with me every night with her doggie. If you’ve been following my projects, then you KNOW, I love free finds. They were in good condition. I knew sooner or later I would do something with them. You should have seen it. I was walking two doggies, and trying to carry 2 foot stools, walking down the street….hahaaa



Well, I spray painted the whole thing with  Rustoleum  Rubbed Bronze Spray paint…


I had known exactly what I was going to do with the footstool. I had recently made a rag rug that I was so happy with, you saw it here, I thought I would use a similar, but different, technique. I purchased 3 different types of yarn, in various thicknesses, hemp string, foam   and a non slip rug protector. For the next few days, I was watching movies and working on it.


This is what I purchased….this pic also shows what the back looks like when done…What I did was find a small book 6″ wide.  You could also use a piece of cardboard cut 6″.  I wrapped, and wrapped, and wrapped one of the yarns around it. ‘like your making a pom pom’ then cut at the top, then bottom…there you go…lots of pieces at once. Do this with all the yarns.I used 3 Rolls of the larger Yarn and just 1 each of the other yarns.


Start at one end.You slip a crochet hook in one little square with a strand attached and come up on the one next to it.then tie a knot. Keep going..using a random pattern. This is what the back of it looks like when your finished. I watched movies and did this. It took lots of hours….so take your time and know this isn’t a rush job. It will take time.



This would look so much better on a ottoman, I had put some new fabric around it. Then on the lid…I did the same technique.


So what I am trying to prove to you is you can do this shaggy piece, and put on anything. Ahhh, my toes are so comfy!!! I must also add…if you saw this in a store, it wouldn’t cost $50.  You could make a rug, by figuring out the size you want, then cutting it into fourths and let your family each work on a section!!

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56 thoughts on “Shaggy Ottoman

    1. We don’t have a fleamarket anywhere around here or in nearby cities ;( so I keep a eye out for curb discards, and doggies get to walk. Did you see Gidget on the couch in the Shaggy Ottoman post?

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    1. Ohh, you should!You can hook the rug while putting your feet in a warm foot spa..actually…sounds good for me right now.Are you going to make one?If you need any help let me know. The hemp cord for some reason is expensive. If you can find a tiny twisted string, use that. It needs to be firm though. That’ how it gives it so much texture

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      1. Hope your feet feel better. A foot spa is wonderful. I purchased mine at Walmart. It’s heated and bubbles…feels so good. I had surgery on one of my feet. It’s taken a long time to heal. But…the ice…the foot spa takes all that pressure off it.

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      1. Ya know, I think with two cats it would either end up theirs or they would pull all the strings out that I worked so hard to put on! Ha. It is cool looking. (I did see the chair post next.)


  1. Sorry, me again, following on from your comment on my blog. Yes, I did see this, and I commented, but II just have the memory of a goldfish!

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    1. LOL…I’m going through yours!!!That shaggyness is so easy…just tedious. you need to do while watching TV. If you want the same stuff I used let me know…I will collect the names of the yarns…I purchased them at Walmart, along with the rug saver mat.


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