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Seashell Monogram Letter

I love decorating with seashells! I had this letter ‘H’ I was waiting to decorate. If it works out, I will decorate the ‘ O M E’ letters I have. So this is what I collected together… The burlap ribbon and net wired ribbon came from the dollar store…The ruffled burlap from Walmart along with the letters.


I started with one of those cardboard letters, lots of depth. I fiddled around with different coverings, but at the end I went with the burlap. I think it’s makes the shells more prominent. I wrapped it with the burlap. I glued up to the top back and hot glued it down. (If your putting this outside, use a glue specifically for that)


I then played around with the net wire ribbon. I love that ribbon. I glued it at the top back, and played with it a little as I went down to opposite corner and glued it down.


I have some sea glass I have been wanting to use……so I played around with it. I knew I wanted a starfish….or 3. So I put the biggest at top left. I put more of the glass in the bottom two sides. I just spray painted some berries I had white….and added that. This will be nice on my summer theme! Don’t we love summer! Oh and by the way, I sprayed the whole thing with Rust oleum Clear Coat.


It picked up the natural colors of the glass, and shells. Now I have to work on the O M E HOME….It will look great during the summer on my mantle! Thank you for looking!




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      1. I have a tip…speaking of alcohol….did you know you can make cheap vodka taste like a expensive vodka? Pour it through a water purifier.It takes out all the crap the expensive stuff takes out.


    1. To be truthful..ideas just pop in my head, so many, I have a list. I jot ideas down when they come to me. Or when I see a discarded item, I imagine it differently. You wouldn;t believe the items people leave on the curb. With a little elbow grease, it could be something beautiful. Check out the ‘Trash to Treasure’ menu in my blog menus. Those..I found.

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      1. Thank you. When I sit out on the swing at night relaxing with doggies…so many things come to mind. I have learned to jot them down..well most of the time. I see stuff on the internet and try to make it using less money also. I love that. Saving money.

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