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Painting Mishaps Updated

Okay, I have mentioned to you I cannot paint. So many of you out there do such amazing work, I so envy you ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย Well, some of you try to build my confidence and tell me to practice, or you don’t believe me….So to the ones out there that don’t believe me, and asked to see my failed paintings…here they are…but please don’t laugh…



I tried again..


This one I just abandoned…..ugh! So or all of you that say practice….I am!ย .I just can’t seem to get it right…I wish I could capture what’s in my head

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful suggestions. I am going to put a phrase on the second one.


43 thoughts on “Painting Mishaps Updated

    1. The first one is 12″ square..I used a makeup sponge to pounce on the canvas to make the waves and water..the other is bigger and you could do. I used 3 different colors of Rustoleum spray paint. Just take outside….spray lightest on top and work your way down with the darker colors. It creates what I wanted to be Ombre look.


    1. You are absolutely right Patty. After reading everyones comments I realize I may judge my work too harshly.I have been told this before..I want to see some of your finished projects Patty.


  1. Your paintings are gorgeous and nowhere near being a failure (where did you get that idea???)! Although when you say you want to paint what’s in your head I’m guessing you aren’t using a reference picture to go off? Because having a printed picture really helps! You can even paint on top of it to get a bit of practice in. I hope you post more paintings in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

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