My Rose Garden

Three years ago I planted a rose garden in memory of my grandson Gavin. I chose a 32′ site and started shoveling all the gravel away. I then removed 1′ deep all the way around the area. I added bags and bags of rose soil.

This was my first experience with bare root roses.I did a lot of research and found this really wonderful blend of nutrients, that gives your roses a great start, and grows beautiful blooms.

Here are some of my roses…


This rose bush has over 100 buds getting ready to bloom:




Here is my rose garden…



The blend is:

  • 1/4 C Epsom Salt
  • 1/2 C Bone Meal
  • 1-2 C Granular Organic Fish Emulsion
  • 1/2 C  Alfalfa Meal

These ingredients will enrich the soil and the roses…



40 thoughts on “My Rose Garden

      1. I don’t think I am – I am just a part of the human race, one who believes that there is a Divine Spark in each one of us. Therefore, two things follow: 1) We are all connected and feel each other’s pain; and 2) By acting in anti-human ways, we offend Him. It’s that simple!

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    1. The bare root roses are easy to grow, as long as you plant them properly.I soaked mine in cool water for a few hours first. Remember to dig hole larger than the rose plant. At the bottom of the hole, build a mound. Place center of rose on the mound and spread the roots out to the sides. Use the formula I did…The summers here in the desert are hot and dry. But these babies hold on and bloom beautifully! Better to buy the best quality, which are a few dollars more, but so worth it!!! Quality over quantity.Have fun at the Rose Emporium tomorrow!! You mind will swirl when you see all the different selections.


      1. Yes they do Pat. Just use the same method when planting. You save a lot of money purchasing bare root roses. They are all over in the home improvement stores garden depts. Filled with different beauties. Go for the top grade..they may be $3-$4 more, but your getting the premium, and they are usually the most beautiful. Be sure you use a large enough pot. The Iceberg Rose grows fast. You can put it in a pot with a trellis also and train it.

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