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Valentine Tea Light

I have been busy working on a project, but I thought I would throw in this small project. It is easy, inexpensive and makes a pretty decoration for Valentines Day!

First you will need a small glass votive candle holder. I picked up this one at a dollar store.DSCN4321.JPG

It’s just a small square glass votive holder. You can find at a dollar store.

I started by taking a red marker and making half a heart on the bottom of the left front side.


Just like that….then you take Modpodge or white glue…and cover the inside of the heart and along the red outline. You don’t have to be exact…


Then you sprinkle red glitter on it!


Then I thought since it’s Valentines Day…the heart is bursting with love…(call me silly okay). So what I did was take a toothpick…or anything small point…and put glue in little spots coming from the heart….this is what I did…


I added more glitter… then I took a candle holder…from the dollar store…and put hot glue around the top…dscn4332

Then I put the heart candle holder I just made up on top…


From here you can do anything….fill with those heart candies and with a candle…


You can dress up the bottom with red rhinestones…from dollar store…


Or you can put the mod podge on the candle and sprinkle with red glitter and add those clear glass fillers you can get at dollar store….love that dollar store!!!!


To keep the glitter in it’s place…you can mod podge over the heart.

So that is my little project for today! Back to work on my project! Thank you so very much everyone that is reading my blog!!!


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  1. I have your entire page copied and saved and I cannot find any links directed to me anywhere..neither at the top, bottom, end, or after the mason jar pic. Also, your comments to other people clearly show that you are taking full credit of my post. Thanks for pulling it down.


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