A Copycat and Lantern Makeover


Have you ever been in a store and saw something and thought ‘I can do that’ . I saw something like this in a store a bit ago and had that very same thought! I had purchased a small wood square from Walmart a few days later, knowing….someday. Now it’s months later, and I thought I just have to try this. Rustoleum had sent me some Chalkboard Paint both in the black and the clear, that I haven’t used yet.

So with a couple of different styles of letter stencils ( also from Walmart) and some white chalk paint I came up with this:


So if you see something in the store you like, and think, I can do that, take a picture of it so you can make it yourself. You would not believe how many ‘future craft pics” I have on my bulletin board.

I was at a home improvement store, and in the garden department, for some reason they had these on clearance:


I had removed the 4 pieces of glass that make the lanterns sides:


Now it was ready


Anyone that really knows me, knows I love to makeover or change something up! So, I took a can of Rustoleum Stop Rust Paint and sprayed the whole thing. It was less than $4. Don’t you just hate it when you buy something for the outdoors and it rusts because they didn’t prepare it properly.20170711_150054.jpg

I realize after painting it with the white, that the original finish wasn’t very smooth. It really shows up with the lighter color. Perhaps this is why they were on clearance. This stuff is really good. So after I let it dry, I painted the top with  Rustoleum Metallic “>copper paint It’s a newer color, copper is really in now less than $4


When it was dry, I went over the places that I made a mistake on….that happens to all of us. I used a sanding sponge. It’s very fine grit, so it doesn’t mess up the paint, just removes the places the paint had dripped.

After I was done with that I painted the bottom half with a off white spray paint. Rustoleum Navajo Paint. I put the glass back in!

I have a smaller lantern just like it still in original color…which do you like best? When I think about it, several of these would have looked nice going up my walk.


So what do you think? Which one do you like the best?


So tonight I’m sitting here, looking at the lantern, something was bothering me. It wasn’t pretty enough. So I thought of this sample book I have had for many years. All metallic s and foils. I picked one out, and cut two of them back-to-back and glued them together. I used the glass as a guide to make sure they were right. I then glued it to the outside of the back. If I put it in front, It wouldn’t show the arches. This is what it looks like now:



Do you see the sparkle in the back? I know it’s not a great picture, here’s another one:


It is so pretty now in the day or night. It looks pretty from the back also, because I put the pieces back to back. It took 5 minutes. What do you think now?

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC



    1. Thank you Vicki. I ended up sanding it down a little and repainting.Check it out now! I think it looks more elegant in the white with copper…great for a wedding! Thank you so much…gotta go put the chicken on the barbecue. Thank you so much for looking! Be sure to enter the giveaway. So far over 50 gifts!

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    1. You can get incredible savings in the summer clearance. I purchased a barbecue last year…$179 down to $56. Walmart has great end of season clearance!It’s a real clearance!


  1. Oh I love your copy cat sign! And I definitely like your lantern better. Also wanted to let you know I have you down for Friday to finish the bag for your giveaway! I haven’t forgotten 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so welcome Patty!!!! You better send me a pic of it when your done. You could line the bottom with greenery, just a little bit, with the candle resting on it. More Shabby Chic.


      1. I owe you a few pictures if my husband will ever bring the camera home. He promised this weekend he will bring it home. He said he hasn’t been able to get the picture he wants yet, so he wants to take it back out on the road with him, and I’m thinking you know they are not that expensive now, (for what I need anyway) I should just go buy one, right?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No Patty, I’m not thinking that at all! Why buy something you already have. There are no worries, any time you wish to get them to me! Don’t rush your project.


      3. I wouldn’t do it just for that, but when our granddaughter comes over and when certain flowers bloom, stuff like that and some of my projects that turnout really good.


    1. I’m not up on technology like most people, I still have a flip phone, but I have been thinking of getting a smart phone
      I hope all went well for you today, I thought about you for most of the day..

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      1. I hope you are not in a lot of pain this morning! I wish I lived close enough so I could come over and wait on you, make you queen for a day or two or three haha, really I would.

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      2. I remember what that is like, I was miserable for 6 weeks. I can’t sleep on my back and when I broke my foot I had to, needless to say I didn’t get much sleep during that time.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I know with the Giveaway just 3 days away…I’ve got that on my mind too. I can’t sleep on my back either. Go check out the Sponsor list! I just now put some pics up!


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