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Mirror Update

If you have visited my blog, then you know how I love to create something pretty from something that has been cast away. I found this old black mirror at a garage sale for $1.00. It had a black frame that was badly beaten up, but the mirror was in great shape.
I wanted this for my walk in closet makeover. I spray painted it with Rustoleum silver metallic, added a stencil from the dollar store. Put some pretty ribbon for hanging and that’s it! Looks so pretty in my closet!

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This is one of my makeovers that ANYONE can do!! So, don’t pass up on any bargains at garage sale, thrift stores, etc…..It’s so easy to make something trashy…pretty!


6 thoughts on “Mirror Update

  1. Love the mirror. I have three gold trimmed oval mirrors in our master bath…we are about to remodel this bathroom, our kitchen and sunroom. I had thought that I would simply replace the three mirrors with one large one. Well…it may be that you are inspiring me to think of another angle!!

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    1. And whats great about this is at the dollar stores they have these stick ons…beautiful phrases too. $1 to update.. thank you so much for looking at my blog. If you do this with the mirrors…please send me a pic…I would love to see them.

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