Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

I am in the middle of painting the cabinets in the family room. On these kitchen cabinets I used the regular paint. No Kit. These were my kitchen cabinets before my remodel. Worn out and dark. Not what I wanted in my kitchen. kitchen cabinet remodel, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, painting
I removed all the door fronts…32 of them!
A good tip: I made a rough drawing of the kitchen as to the cabinets. On the paper I numbered each cabinet. Where the hinge was going to be screwed in on back of the door, I put the coordinating number with a marker. This made it sooo easy to remember which cabinet door went where. I removed the hinges since I was replacing. I sanded, a lot of sanding. I then painted the cabinets. I let dry, sanded lightly,then re coated. They still looked plain to me. I wanted to add molding to spruce it up a bit. My neighbor let me borrow his Miter Saw. If I would have done this with a miter box, it would have taken me a lot longer. This was the first time I used a miter saw. It was so easy to make the cuts. I purchased lots of molding. There are so many styles to chose from. I made the cuts, working on one cabinet at a time. I used wood glue to attach the molding. I then followed with finishing nails. I used wood filler to patch the nail holes.
I made mistakes doing the molding…sure…but I finally figured it out.
What a difference new color, molding, and hardware make!
I like them so much better. I’m so proud of myself. It does take a couple of weekends, but the end result was worth it!
If anyone is thinking of doing this and has any questions…feel free to ask me!


    1. I used regular paint. I did sand down the cabinets first. I just finished the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation. It came out good…not really impressed. It is pretty expensive to use. If I would have done my kitchen cabinets in it…I would have had to buy at least 4- 5 Kits….that is over $300.The Deglosser that came with it is really good. It took off all the shine to the wood, that is why you didn’t have to sand first. But, if you use a deglosser, you have to paint, you can’t stain. This is just a expensive way to do paint. Not really worth it. I would have been better off deglossing (lots of them on the market)then priming…then painting with a good paint. I have pics and all. I was going to do a post on it…but not happy with the price nor am I impressed that much with the outcome, and I am not sure I want to post and recommend it for those reasons. If you want to see pics and all, I can send to you

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  1. Hi Kelley,
    Do you know “The Blogger Tag” thing? I didn’t know that until I was tagged.
    I usually don’t accept any awards but this was little bit fun and I didn’t need to make up any questions so I posted it.
    I just wanted to let you know in my post I tagged you because I appreciate you like my blog!!
    But this does’t mean you have to post “The blogger tag”. I just enjoyed answering questions and tagging you to thank you!

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    1. Hi!! I am the same. I don’t accept any awards, but it is so sweet for you to think of me. That is so nice. I never accepted because I don’t want to leave anyone out…there are so many awesome authors, poets, photographers, travelers and others who make awesome dishes!!! I just feel bad if I leave someone out…But thank you so much!!!!!


    1. First time using power miter saw….my friend moved to Arizona, miter saw gone.But…I still have a gift card from a challenge I won…so I am definitely going to buy one!! Almost ready for it on the Family room cabinets.

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  2. Beautiful. Repainting our kitchen cabinets is on my to-do list. How did you decide on the right white color? I’m having a little trouble with the trim in our house. Some wall colors make it look too muddy. 🙂

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