Slime…kids love this stuff. Well, I decided to make some with my young friend Mariah. This was fun, and so easy to do. You don’t have to spend a  bunch of money make this stuff, you probably already have the ingredients at home. This is what we used:


  • White Glue
  • Food Color of your choice
  • Water
  •  Starch or you can also use eye drops, but it’s an expensive choice
  •  Small Bowl
  •  Something for stirring…we used a popsicle stick

I’m not following anyones recipe for this, just experimenting.

You start by pouring some white glue into the small bowl. You can make as much as you want…we chose to just make one color, we were running out of time,  Mariahs’ mom was coming to pick her up!


We then added just enough water to make the glue not so thick…


Then we stirred..Be sure to mix them really well.dscn4183

If your not sure how much water…just add a bit at a time. You just want it to not be so thick, but you don’t want it runny either.We then added a couple of drops of coloring at a time, to reach the color you want. Mix really well.


Once you reached the color you want….start adding small (we used the cap from the starch)  amounts of starch at a time.


And stir….we added 5 more cap fulls. But this will differ according to how much you are making. Keep mixing. dscn4189

It’s getting there. At this point, it will start looking like this….keep stirring. You are making it turn thick and not sticky.


Still sticky, we don’t want it to be sticky…so we added another cap  full of starch and kept stirring.


At this point you are like kneading it. This will make it firm


So now we have a glob of slime, but Mariah wanted glitter….so we made a well in the center, added glitter….and stirred it in well…and this is what you get…..slime!


This was a very easy craft to do. Easy and fun for kids. Be sure to store in a tightly closed container.



  1. Oh how fun. I remember making that stuff for my kid 20 years ago. I don’t remember using starch and I think we used paint to color it, but hey what ever works right. 🙂 Mine loved making fart sounds with that stuff you squish it into a plastic cup and it “Farts”

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    1. Well go ahead! Make it! It’s fun and really neat playing with it in your hands….very relaxing. The squishies are really relaxing…they are like stress balls. Let me see if you do one….please


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