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Dog T-Shirt


Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I dress Gidget up in a dress. She is 4 lbs of furry delight! I’ve never had a dog this small, and it seems like I just keep collecting and making stuff for her.  I take my dogs anywhere I can, not dressed up though…just sometimes.

Now…it’s not my fault…really. Blame it on Ross Stores! It was Christmas time a couple of years ago when we were there looking around, when I saw all this doggie gear.There were so many cute Christmas outfits for the doggies…so cute…I had to get her a dress. It kind of escalated from there…check out

You know those $1 handkerchiefs they have at the dollar store? They have them all over. This is what I made for Gidget with the handkerchief.

I know…I’m not that good at sewing. But this is perfect, nice and cool. So If you are interested in doing this yourself, it is sooooo easy…I made copies of the T-Shirt in size XS and Small size patterns if you would like the pattern.





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DIY Farmhouse Decor

The farmhouse look is so great because it is to very simple. You use the simplest of materials and designs to create a look that is instantly relaxing and comforting. Farmhouse furniture is the perfect way to add a welcoming touch to your home. You won’t even need a lot of stuff to build most of these or a lot of time. they are as simple as you can get and I just want to add all of them to my home. I hope you will feel the same. Let’s take a look at some of the simplest ways to bring welcoming farmhouse style into your home!

Gallery Entry Wall


This gorgeous gallery entry wall may be the easiest project you’ve ever done. If you’re looking to really get that farmhouse look throughout your home, you have to start at the beginning and the entry is that beginning. A few strategically hung pictures and some rustic wood signs or old frames instantly transform the entryway. You can pick up old signs and pictures at a flea market, or create them yourself.

Instructions: lillianhopedesigns

Pallet Coffee Station


I love things that you can make from old pallets and this coffee cup holder also satisfies that farmhouse kitchen vibe. You just use strips of wood from an old pallet, paint as you wish, and then add the hooks. This is a beautiful way to display your coffee cups and keep them close at hand. And, did I mention how easy this project is?

Instructions: onelittlebirdblog



Want an easy way to bring a bit of farmhouse charm into your home? These barn wood shelves are so simple and you can have them hanging in any room…or all of them if you want. Wooden brackets that you can pick up at any home improvement store can be painted and distressed to add to the look. Then you just add a strip of old wood to give it that great barn wood look.

Farmhouse Accent Table


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Mirror Update

If you have visited my blog, then you know how I love to create something pretty from something that has been cast away. I found this old black mirror at a garage sale for $1.00. It had a black frame that was badly beaten up, but the mirror was in great shape.
I wanted this for my walk in closet makeover. I spray painted it with Rustoleum silver metallic, added a stencil from the dollar store. Put some pretty ribbon for hanging and that’s it! Looks so pretty in my closet!

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This is one of my makeovers that ANYONE can do!! So, don’t pass up on any bargains at garage sale, thrift stores, etc…..It’s so easy to make something trashy…pretty!