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Snowflakes ‘Updated’

I have had such a wonderful day! I am filled with the Christmas spirit! First I had a young friend of mine come over and do snowflakes with me! Then, a couple came over with their precious 1 yr old baby girl….ahh..I just melted holding her. Showing her all the musical stuffed animals and snow globes. Her eyes were as big as saucers, as she was so fascinated with everything! Her visit made my year!

So back to the snowflakes…the first one is one you are already aware of… snowflakes out of coffee filters…right? This is Mariah…flattening out the coffee filter….


Fold in half, and keep folding till you have a small triangle

You then cut little triangles or circles…

this is what it looks like when your finished…dscn4056

and that turns into this

The next snowflakes are awesome!!!!


What do you think of this one? Tomorrow we are adding fluorescent glitter all over it!

Here is what you need….pkg of brown paper lunch bags, and glue..we used white glue….both found at the dollar store..It’s better if you can find the white lunch bags…they were out, so we used the brown.


The second one we made came out fuller…we used 10 bags. Start by laying out one bag, front side up, and make a line of glue across the top then down…forming a T. .


Then put the next bag on top of the glued bag. Continue with glue, then bag until you reach the last bag

This was the hard part….getting Mariah to wait for the glue to dry.

When dry, cut a ‘tree top’  through all 10 bags at the top. If you can’t cut through all 10, just lift up some and cut a few at a time.

It will look like this…


I was getting excited…I forgot to take pictures of the next step. But all you do is cut 2 small triangles below the larger one you just cut out. Then you carefully spread the bags apartdscn4075

….oops, still wet glue….and like a fan, you connect the ends with glue. See above how she is spreading the bags. Spread out to make a fan….


Then you will meet both sides together of the fan…to form a circle…See how glue was added to one side…




These are big stars. Cover with glitter…Big and beautiful!!!

What do you think?


19 thoughts on “Snowflakes ‘Updated’

    1. I do Jodi. No matter what life throws at me, I am in a time of my life where I just brush it off. Nothing in short of a catastrophe would ruin my Christmas. It’s so nice having this blog. I know it’s only been about 4 months, but there are so many nice people in the world, and since this blog, I’ve been on such great travels with them.

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    1. What didn’t work? You place one bag down, front side up (the fold in the bottom of bag to back side down. Place each bag on top of each other the same way, gluing in a large ‘T’. After 10 bags are dried…that is important. then spread open like a fan (half circle). Then bring the sides together to form a circle, glue two ends together. Hold with paper clips to dry.
      Did this help? Check out a post I did making pinwheels … perhaps that will do. Send me a pic of yours so I can see what happened.


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