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Cookie Cutter Mobile n’ Ornament

I recently went to a neighbors garage sale. I spied these all these Christmas themed cookie cutters…10 for a dollar…wow! I really don’t need anymore…but I couldn’t pass these up, I could do something with them..


Now I had found this also at a garage sale months ago. I still have no idea what it is, or what it’s used for.But,  I liked the shape, so I got it for a dime. Actually, that fits how I think at garage sales. I look at the shape, and see if something clicks in my head. My love for architecture probably has nothing to do with it, but I always go for the shape.


Do you know what it is? I’ll just call it round piece, so I don’t confuse anyone. Well, don’t think you can’t do this project. Use a embroidery  hoop. Whatever size you want. If you only have 4 cookie cutters…get a smaller hoop. You can even use a wire coat hanger, as long as it’s not flimsy.

So back to my idea….I  took out all the cookie cutters and put ribbon around them with hot glue. I bought ALL these ribbons at the dollar store. Some shiny, and the others with little rhinestones creating a ribbon…


When I was finished with them all with the ribbon around them…


they are going to sparkle and look so pretty.

I took some string, you can use ribbon if you want, and cut 4 equal lengths. I attached them around the round piece in 4 places. Be sure before you tie a knot on top, that it’s hanging evenly. If not adjust the strings/ribbon.


After I was done with that..  I had this mono filament illusion cord (that’s a mouthful) left from my baby mobile  projects…. and  You can get tutorials from there, using ribbon instead of the strings.


I tied one side of the cord to the center of the  figure, and then the other end to the round piece.Hang each one the length you want. I hung mine in random lengths. I put the largest, which was an angel, in the center. Then I worked around the mobile, hanging the rest.



Those cabinets in the background are getting painted in Jan….with the Rustoleum Cabinet Kit…so stay tuned for that


Isn’t this a cute gift for that baker you know??? Or for yourself if you love to bake. Perhaps if a gift…you can coordinate their kitchen colors with this idea. This is just a really adorable mobile.

Now I had a couple more repeats of shapes so I made ornaments for the tree. I started from the bottom, I worked up one side, putting little dabs of hot glue in the creases of the cutter. When I got to the top, I made a loop for hanging it, and then back down the other side so ends meet.


This is so pretty…and when the lights shine on it, the sparkle is so pretty. I think I will put one of these on each of my bakery gifts.

I was making these outside….I then looked over at my fig tree…not ready yet…but look at the beautiful rose in all her glory!




9 thoughts on “Cookie Cutter Mobile n’ Ornament

    1. Victoria, I have these Christmas Balls I purchased sometime ago at Marshalls…anyway they have small gold mirrors covering the ball. You would not believe the rooms ceilings, floors, walls when the sun hits it…oh…so pretty. They move…I tell little ones they are fairies.

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