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18 Christmas Hacks

I love these ideas! Love, love the Christmas Tree napkin!


Its the most beautiful time of the year,

Lights fill the street spreading so much cheer.

Hey FriendsMerry Christmas in Advance.I think its the right time to prepare for Christmas. Preparations for Christmas can be very hard but this time it won’t. Here you go friends 18 hacks coming on your way:


  1. Christmas Tree Napkin218416a622d6b722bd9f978d4d6a9de9.jpg -Its the best napkin fold for Christmas and its too simple to make.

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19 thoughts on “18 Christmas Hacks

      1. I’m not positive, it will work without leaving a film. But easily removed glass cleaner..but, with the snow and all, perhaps it takes too long to clean when your trying to get off to work.

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