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Christmas to Do List 


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  1. I just love this, It is wonderful.
    When I was a child in California, I can’t remember what town we lived in, but there was a program that an orphanage asked people to take a child or children into their homes for Christmas day and so my mom and dad took a child in a little boy. We begged them to get him Christmas Eve so they called and were able to pick him up on Christmas Eve. That little boy was so excited Christmas morning, I will never forget his little face, my sister and I cried so hard when we had to take him back, even my mom cried and I swear I think I saw tears in my dad’s eyes. We wanted to keep him of course kids don’t understand at that age that it takes money to raise children and as much as mom and dad would have love to have adopted that little boy they knew they would never qualify by California standards at that time. We never did that again, mom and dad would have love to have done it, but they didn’t want to put me and my sister thru that and when we got older and was living in a different state there was no program like that.
    That Christmas we told our parents that we wanted them to just buy the little boy presents and not buy us anything because Santa would still bring us presents (we still believed) (I still believe).
    To me and my sister Christmas has always been special time with family, church and all the good food and always music and decorating, presents were wonderful but they were not the most important things to us,
    I just get so upset when I see how some of these parents go into serious debt buying Christmas presents not only for their kids but everyone they know, they think they have to buy their kids everything they want, all the expensive electronic gadgets, Iphones, Ipads, computers, tv’s for their bedrooms (what is wrong with watching tv with the family), I guess I am just an old fogey. The gifts I remember most are the gifts that were made just for me. My Aunt made me a quilt for my dolls when I was five and I still have it my grandma made me a doll when I was four I still have her, I still have most of the hand made gifts that were ever made for me, they are so special and dear to me.
    My parents always saved a small amount of money each year to give to a charity to make sure some children would have Christmas, they didn’t have a lot of money, but by setting a little aside each week they could contribute, so by their example I do the angel tree every year and I used to volunteer Christmas day serving Christmas dinner, but I just can’t do it any more.
    My house has always been full of decorated trees(at one time 22-24 crazy! haha) and it was warm and happy always music and good food and everyone always know they are welcome, you just won’t see a lot of presents piled up, just like my mom and dad and the kids are now doing the same thing, so I don’t think kids suffer from not getting to many presents instead they learn from your example what Christmas is all about and the memories that will last a lifetime.
    Helping others is the best feeling in the world and everyone can do a kind deed for someone. This time of year can be a lonely or sad time, sometimes all it takes is a smile and a Merry Christmas, if you have a neighbor that is alone why not take cookies and invite him/her or a couple to dinner you won’t be sorry. I could say more like how the retailers make you feel guilty if you don’t buy, buy, buy and people fall for it, but I will stop now and get off my band wagon whew I feel better, LOL

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    1. Patty, first, what a wonderful family you have. Second, what a beautiful soul you have. I agree with you totally. People get so wrapped up in spending, and they end up frustrated with shopping. I stopped using store cards when I was still paying for the past Christmas. I decided then, if I can’t pay for it with money, I can’t afford it. That was over 15 yrs ago. I still only have one card. Bringing someone a wreath, cookies, breads…it becomes something so special to someone who is alone.

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      1. Kelley, thank you for your kind words.
        You are so right, when you take someone something you have made, that something is so special to that person and the feeling you get from them means even more to you.
        I have never gone into debt for Christmas that is just the way I was raised, my husband has a Christmas account and I have one and Most of the time it just goes into savings and is never used. My husband didn’t always do things the way I do(he never went in debt, but he never saved either). We really don’t need or want anything and the kids and grandkids are easy cuz they are into DIY and crafting yeah!

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