One Minute Craft

I know some of you say your not a crafty person. Well let’s make a craft today that only takes a minute to create. Plus, even if your not a crafty person, you most likely have the supplies. Getting ready for the holidays, means holiday guests to most. So a room you may not have decorated is….the guest bathroom. Well, along with the pretty guest towels all set out and ready…

All you need is a roll of toilet paper, and 2 sheets of tissue paper.


Take the two sheets of tissue and sandwich together, wrong sides in….set the roll of TP in the center…


and roll all the way around to the other side…DSCN3928.JPG

Tuck in the ends


Tuck them in all the way….another way which I think is so much cuter…..But the roll of TP close to the bottom edge, leave just enough tissue to tuck inside. There will be much more tissue paper on top ..


then you roll…..when you get to the end…..tuck in the tissue at the bottomDSCN3920.JPG

You will have lots on top…..tuck in a little of the top like this…just a tuck in a little, without putting the end in….


It will look like this…


You could tie a string with a bell on the end or leave how it is….looks cute in the guest bath.


You can do this with fabric, wrapping paper, whatever you can think of…..

See, I told you…easy! I was thinking…Easter…setting a bunny or eggs on top like a little nest….so many ideas.

If you do this…I would love to post your pic of how you decorated your TP






  1. Cute idea. can be applied to other holidays too. Pastel for easter, fall colors for thanksgiving, or do brown for the roll and orange and yellow sticking out like a turkey, orange with green sticking out for halloween, get some that say happy birthday for birthday parties…..

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      1. Yeah that is my problem. I rarely think of an idea but I see something I like and yeah I think of all the different ways I can do it. I made my Christmas cards this year and every one was different. the same general look but different color combos

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  2. What a cute idea, and this is something you can do for any season or any holiday. I am going to do this today. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it is just the perfect touch I needed.

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      1. Oh Kelley I feel so bad, we discovered this weekend that something has happened to our camera. It is about 10 years old, but we haven’t used it that much, maybe that is the problem. I’m sorry cuz it is a masterpiece, LOL.
        I do want to get a new camera pretty quick because every year when it snows our giant cedars at the fence row look so beautiful and I always forget to take any pictures, so this year I want to take some pictures.

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      2. Yes, but I don’t have a smart phone so I can’t do anything with it it except send it as a text. We don’t have any snow yet, but could have some this weekend.

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      3. We have snow up in our mountains a little bit. It is so wonderful looking out of my window, sipping my coffee, and viewing this beautiful site…you have to remember…I live in the desert…any snow on the mountains are fabulous!


      4. I remember what living in the desert is like, I lived in Bakersfield and Taft, and a few other desert oasis, haha. It actually snowed in Taft one year when we lived there, we were so excited we went outside in our pj’s and barefeet.

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