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Vintage Cork Wreath

Looking for a wonderful gift for those wine lover friends? Have you been saving your corks? Well, I have the perfect little project for you, that your friends would love!



1. Tie twine around straw wreath for hanger.

2. Using craft stick, apply Tacky Glue liberally around top of wreath for first row of corks. Allow glue to set for approximately 5 minutes or to tacky stage. Place corks horizontally around top of wreath. Repeat with next 3 rows below the first.  Use painter’s tape to hold together if they begin slipping.

3. Glue a row of corks next to the top row inside of wreath. Use painter’s tape to hold in place if needed.

4. For inside wreath, apply glue and let set for few minutes. Place corks vertically on glue. Tape to hold.

5. For bow, cut piece of burlap approximately 4”x7”. Stitch ends together using needle and thread. Turn right side out and pinch in center. Tie a piece of twine around center to hold.

6. Cut small piece of burlap to go around the center of bow. Glue in place.

7. Cut two pieces, 4” x 3 ½”. Glue to back of bow.

8. Glue bow to top of wreath.

9. If desired, decorate with raffia and/or embellishments of choice.


  • Burlap fabric ¼ yard
  • Straw wreath, 12” or desired size
  • Strong twine
  • Masking tape
  • Wine corks, approximately 150
  • Craft sticks
  • Needle and thread

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      1. In fact, we do, but I’d rather collect my own – different feeling! I am in no hurry: Chanukkah is in two weeks, and I am way too busy cooking and posting. After that, I’ll be asking for your advice in the beginning of March or so. By that time, I’ll collect a ton of corks, I am sure!

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