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TP Christmas Crafts For Kids

This is a fun post for moms and dads to craft with their children. They are so easy to make, and most of the supplies you probably already have on hand. Toilet Paper rolls. Don’t throw them out!!! You can make so many Christmas crafts with them.

So ready, set, Create:

Craft Christmas Reindeer
These are so cute! You can fill them with candy and your children can give them out to friends at school, teacher, or just display on a table. Just paint the TP roll, add some googly eyes and construction paper for the nose and antlers You can get those items at a dollar store.



Or you can cut slits in the TP roll, paint green, sprinkle on some glitter with glue, and add a paper star on top painted yellow…how cute is that!


These were made a little differently. Start with the TP rolls, cut out different pieces of scrapbook paper, or any pretty paper and glue on to the roll. Cut out a triangle (brown construction paper) for the head. To make the ears, cut a teardrop shape. Then cut a smaller one in a contrasting color for the inside of ear. Cut two circles for the eyes a little bit bigger than the googly eyes you use. Glue on! For the smaller antlers, paint two ‘Sorry’   game pieces and paint brown. Make antlers out of  brown pipe cleaners. Take a straw and glue two to each side of inside TP. Dab some hot glue on the bottom of antler and stick it inside the straw. You can further decorate with festive string and a bell attached for cuteness.


Your kids would have so much fun making these…

Imagine how proud of themselves they would be making a place setting for Christmas time meal.

Aren’t those mice darling! You just flatten the TP roll a bit, cut thin slices of the tp roll as I did here……..

You will be amazed at how many different crafts can be made from TP Rolls. So don’t throw out..create!

Here is a wreath made from TP rolls I haven’t yet posted…


Again, cut small strips of the TP Roll, glue together to form a flower….glue them together in a circle. You could glue on a wire hanger, stretched out to form a circle. This would make it a bit easier to handle, so it doesn’t flop around. Paint with craft paint or spray paint. Add glitter, some berries, and your all set to go.



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