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Dollar Store Organization

Organization  doesn’t have to be difficult, or does it have to be expensive. There are so many ideas circling the internet with neat ways that you may re-purpose things that you can find at your local Dollar Tree store. From organizing your kitchen, bath, kids room and the laundry clutter.

Whatever you are looking for to help you become more organized, I have collected bunches of ideas for your home….

Plastic Crate Shelf


These simple crates can be attached together, then attach to the wall. Isn’t this a perfect for a child’s playroom or bedroom! And it makes a pretty display and is off the floor. Via Hometalk

Need more ideas for a child’s bedroom? How about those canvas storage boxes!


This is a super way for kids to go right to their stuff. They fit most of the shelving units out there.  Put one on the floor for Laundry. I use these in my craft room…they are so very handy.

How many of you like to bring your own spices with you when you travel or go out to dine? This is a great idea that will hold your spices, and not take a bunch of room. How about Pill boxes.

dollar store 4.jpg

Great idea…right? The next one is for the kids bath. My sons had so many bath toys when they were younger. I wish they had these, or even dollar stores back then. This is a great way to keep the toys in the bath and the water drain out of them onto the bath and not your floor.

dollarstore 5.jpg

Add a couple of suction cup hooks and there you go. Great, right?!

Next one is a wonderful idea for organizing all those little hair supplies.


Those large size pill organizers are so wonderful!!! Look at all they can hold…so perfect because they don’t take up hardly any room.

And speaking of those handy pill cases…what about when you are traveling. You can keep small jewelry organized….

dollar store13.jpg

Need ideas on what to do with those clothes your children have outgrown, and want to save them for the next child? You can purchase comforter bags at the dollar store. You would be surprised how much they can hold. Also, those shoe organizer bags that you  hang up, why not put all your little supplies for your craft room, school supplies….just kind of think outside the box.These boxes fit nicely under the bed.


Those ideas came from AttemptingAloha

How about some kitchen organizing tips….here is one I did. All you need is one of those plastic file folders and attach to a bottom cabinet door.You can paint the file folder any color you want.  2 small screws is all you needorganize-with-a-file-folder-kitchen-design-organizing-storage-ideas

Here is another I did…Just take a small piece of wood molding, and with small screws, attach to a inside cabinet. I put mine inside the cabinet  where I keep all my mixing bowls..


There you go…..Since this pic was taken, I did add another cup hook.You can purchase those at the dollar store.

They sell contact paper at the Dollar Tree Store. What I did was put some on the inside of my medicine cabinet door. Not only does it look pretty, but it is metal….so it makes it perfect for magnets. I use mine to keep little notes to myself, those natural herbal cough and sinus relief tips my doctor gave me. Boy, do they work great. But…you can also hot glue magnets to the back of your eye shadows, makeup, razors, toothbrush holders…there you go!


Do you need a way to keep your power strips hidden and protected? If you have a power strip surge protector near your desk…why not attach it to the bottom of your desk with these small wire baskets and cup holders…


What about the base cabinet under your kitchen sink? A tension rod, some spray bottles, and matching baskets will keep all your stuff organized.


Speaking of tension rods..if you need extra storage in the bath…hang another shower pole to the back wall. Hang those nifty plastic baskets with the wire holders onto shower hooks..and there you go. You can add extra curtain clips to hang your small stuff.


There are so many ideas…100’s…but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with too many at a time….have fun…hope I helped give you a idea!

You can order online stuff online, have it shipped to your nearest Dollar Tree store, and pick up for free!Check out the new Summer Catalog.


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  1. I’m going to use the magazine holder idea for storing foil, waxed paper, etc. inside a cabinet door tonight. I’ll have an empty drawer which I can certainly use. I want to find some metal paper also for the back side of a cabinet door where I can use magnets to store often used recipes. Good sleuthing, Kelley! ~Ginene

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