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Christmas Tree Ornaments

It’s Christmas time. I have been so busy decorating and creating new stuff ! I hope you have all enjoyed them thus far.

Christmas tree ornaments….first I would like to know if anyone has had a baby to where this is their first Christmas?? Anyone? I have a terrific idea I will try if someone would like.

So here we go with the ornaments mostly from BHG


this one is a little easier if you can’t paint well…just add ribbon..look at these pretty results.


I just love this one….I definitely will make this:


Isn’t that just so pretty.


Those snowflakes are on sheets at your craft store….Walmart has them too!

This would make a wonderful gift for a music lover. Dollar store clear bulbs, open top, put strips of sheet music you copied from the computer, then either put them in a shredder or cut them into larger strips as seen below. Then just fill and put top back on!101692451-jpg-rendition-largest

All you need for this next one is some craft paint. After you take off the top…pour some paint into the bottom of clear bulb. Gently, with your hand, move the bulb and you will see the paint stick to sides….let dry and hang


And how about all you ladies out there that like to knit….wouldn’t this be a great gift?


Here are some other ways of using ornaments….I just love this one…and so easy to do!


Doesn’t these look beautiful!


Of course you can hang them on garland, from ribbons down a window, or just fill up some bowls with snow, add balls, lights…and here you go


The above is in my house…I have had requests on how to create a mercury glass light fixture like I did above…that I will do next year for sure.






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