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How To Make a Christmas Bow Tree Topper

Decorating your Christmas tree with a bow topper has become very popular. You can spend a small fortune at a craft store purchasing a large bow topper. Here is the way to make it yourself .

Now don’t be intimidated, in just 3 easy steps you will be tying bows like a professional gift wrapper at Macy’s!


If your making the bow for the top of tree, be sure to use the wide ribbon. Wired ribbon works great, and I found you can maneuver it better, and the ribbons can be fuller.

Step 1. Fold your ribbon into an accordion shape. I went back and forth 5 times. This is where you decide how big you want your bow to be!

I am showing you on smaller ribbons you can place on your tree branches or on packages!


how-to-tie-a-christmas-bow-in-3-easy-steps-how-to (1).jpg

Step 2. Place your pipe cleaner in the middle of you folds and twist. This is closing the bow and keeping it in place. You can also use wire for this step, but pipe cleaners are easier to handle in my opinion.




Step 3. Fluff! This is where you give your bow shape. Pull the loops side to side to achieve your desired fullness. This ribbon does not have wire, but if yours does this is the step to mold it to your desired shape.
 To secure the bow to your tree, use the left over pipe cleaner ends and twist them around a branch.
So…that is how to make a pretty bow! Easy to do, once you get the hang of it…you won’t buy bows again!
I would love to see pics of your creations!



36 thoughts on “How To Make a Christmas Bow Tree Topper

    1. I love it…and I reblogged it. Amaan, I noticed you don’t check off the ‘un categorized’ when you select the categories…if not un checked…they won’t go where you want them, and people will have a hard time finding.

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  1. Kelley, I love making bows it is therapy for me haha go figure, but I can be stressed to the hilt and sit down and start making bows and I can feel the stress leaving my body. Anytime I see ribbon on sale I buy and I always have plenty of bows made up for any occasion ahead of time, I guess I’m like the boy scouts always prepared, not really I just love making them.
    I just have to tell you I am so glad I found your website on hometalk I enjoy it so much. You keep things simple and cost effective without looking cheepie.

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    1. Hi Patty! Hi Patty, I am so happy you have followed me here from hometalk! Thank you! I think everyone, at one time or another, has needed a stress reliever. I found that my crafting relaxes me and takes me to a magical world of no stress!! hahaa. Seriously I would just love to see your collection of pretty bows! Being retired, I can’t purchase everything I see that I fall in love with. So I try to make it for myself in a least expensive, but pretty way. I love sharing with others, and hope to inspire. That is the highest compliment. Thank you for following me here, and I hope you send me a pic of your bows!!!


  2. Hello Patty! I really loved your comment! Thank you so much for all the kind words. You really made my heart smile…thank you. I am retired on a fixed income. I love creating and inspiring. I can’t afford to go out and buy everything I love…so I try to make what I see, less expensive for me and my wonderful followers. It is wonderful when we have a hobby that can bring us back to that special place that relaxes our minds and bodies. Kuddos for you Patty! I would love to see a pic of all your bows! Perhaps I could post it?


    1. If I was as tech savy as you are I would post a picture, maybe when my husband comes in off the road he can help me that is if he will be home long enough (the good Lord forgot to put tech in that part of my brain haha). My husband still works, but I am retired, so I understand what you mean and you live in one of the most expensive states. After my first husband died I so wanted to move back to California, but when I saw the cost of living and real estate, I said I will just stay in good ol Kentucky, I was still working then and I knew as a nurse I could make good money, but I wouldn’t be able to save anything, and as it turned out had I moved I would not have met my husband I am now married too. So long story short it all worked out for the better, I do still yearn to see my beautiful California and visit family, but at this time we are trying to save as much money as we can so my husband can retire. Everything we own is paid for even our home so we are able to save, so when I happened onto your blogg I was thrilled and I don’t feel guilty for spending a few bucks. I don’t even feel guilty for spending on the Giani Kit cuz that is gonna save us hundreds right! I will will probably have to have your help when I get started haha, I’m sure at some point I will panic. I made up my mind I am not going to start it until after Christmas.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! I am so glad you didn’t move here too! Where does your family live in CA?
    I am so glad you found your other half..that is so sweet. It is expensive to live here.
    As far as the Giani, It is very easy to use. It is a wonderful,inexpensive way to update your counters/backsplash. I wish I would have done it sooner. I just love my kitchen now! I will be glad to help you anyway I can. I have done a lot of research, and bothered the heck out of the Giani people with multiple questions that people have asked me! So…I’m not a expert…but this stuff is easy. Thank you for looking.


    1. Kelley I have family in Bakersfield, San Jose, well really they are pretty much scattered all over. I lived in Northern California up in Arcata and I loved it so much it never got hot in the summer and it never got too cold in the winter, but it does rain a lot or used to and it was so green and lush and just beautiful. Then we moved to Southern Cal. big difference, but I still loved it. If I could have my choice where to live it would be back on the mountain in Arcata, I hate this hot muggy whether in the summer, and I’m not fond of hot dry heat , my sister lives in Las vegas and I try to never go there in the summer. haha you get the picture I don’t like the hot whether period, and I hate these long cold winters here, I just dread them, I would take the dry heat over the long cold winters and the hot muggy summers anyday, I’m not to picky.

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  4. Oh Patty…I live in the so.Ca desert. I prefer the dry heat also, over the humidity. I feel like I can’t breathe. Yes the summers are hot…anyway…have a beautiful tomorrow!


    1. BRILLIANT! I am compromising and we are getting a real tree this year. I bought a fake one a few years ago to hang my heavy ornaments. My guys want a real tree for the smell. I kinda miss it too, but I hate all the needle mess. I’m all for a living Christmas tree. Maybe next year!

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    1. No, No..don’t think that way…think positive. It is easy, just placing over your fingers and wrapping back and forth. Practice with making smaller ones first…they are a bit easier. Just practice, take apart, and do it again. Diligence, sometimes practice makes perfect…at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

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