Window Dressings

This is a very easy and inexpensive idea that ALL of you can do. Very easy, and you probably have most of the supplies.

This is my kitchen window that overlooks my front patio. I wanted to do something special with it, since I know I will be in it most of the time baking, when I’m not crafting. My craft room is next to my kitchen…at least I don’t have to travel far, when  idea hits…hahaa.

Notice the rod running across the window…(red and white)

DSCN3830 (2).JPG

The first thing you need to do is figure out which window you want to dress up. Measure the width of the window. Walmart sells these small tension rods from$1.50.  My window was a bit wide so I had to get a bit longer, mine was 1.97.

To start the project I adjusted the rod to fit the width of my window. I took it back down and decided to use the red mesh ribbon I purchased at the dollar store. I wanted the tension rod to match up the balls I was putting up. Candy Cane like.


I wrapped the netting around the tension rod, securing each end with some scotch tape. dscn3827

When I was finished with the netting, I put the rod back up on the window. It’s hard to take a pic in front of a window….but here it is up.


I had some red and white pom pom wire ribbon I purchased at a craft store. You can use anything like colorful string or pretty thin ribbon to hang the balls from.  I picked out the balls I wanted to hang up and then attached the wire to them. I was thinking of my Gumdrops Lollipop project…  so I wanted to hang my lollipops. This is what my kitchen window looks like now…


I just love it! I’m happy 😉

See….it is a easy, inexpensive way to dress up a window. I did another window a little different, but I have to wait on taking pic till the sun reaches that side of the house.

Do you have a special way of decorating your windows during the Christmas holiday? Would you like to share? Send any pics to

Thank you for looking!! Happy Creating!!



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