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Winter Wreath

With Christmas being over, and the season still ringing in my heart, I know I am going  to have a hard time putting Christmas away in a few days. I seem to always do. I had a beautiful Christmas, and I hope all of you did also!

With the winter here for another couple of months, I’m getting started on making some pretty winter decorations.

I’m starting with this is a very easy wreath to make. Fun and easy for children! All you need for this is a box of sandwich bags and a wire hanger. I picked up the bags at the dollar store. Now in retrospect, I should have used the plain baggies that you twist tie with wire.  I will show you later why. Just pull down on bottom of hanger to make a circle.DSCN4132.JPG

Take one baggie, and tie around the hanger….do not knot

As you can see in the photo on the right, the bags a bit thick where it was tied around the wire.This wouldn’t have been so if I used the plain baggies with no fold top.(I should have stuck with my search, perhaps Walmart.)  I have had the flu the last couple of days and have been pampering myself.

So anyway, you go around tying the bags all around the wire..I was watching a movie while doing this…goes by faster.


When you are finished, you need to go around and fluff the ends of the bags, so you have a round fluffy wreath. I then was looking for some ribbon to put on the wreath. I love this wired has sequins and snowflakes …and looks sooo pretty!!


Tie it to the top of wreath around the hangers top….


I had found that pretty snowflake in the center of the wreath at the dollar store at Christmastime. I just hung it on the back of the top of hanger….I think it looks so pretty! What do you think?



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DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments


Most of these projects are easy to make and require few supplies and materials. For example, to make something similar to the decorations showed in the picture, you’ll need ivory felt, a hand-sewing needle, red embroidery thread, cotton balls or fiber-fill, pinking shears, scissors, straight pins, a marking pen and a small paintbrush or pen.


For this next project you’ll need the mistletoe template one sheet of green felt, a sharpie or fabric pencil, pearl embellishments, hot glue or fabric glue and a ribbon. First cut out the templates and trace around them on the felt. Cut out the felt shapes and arrange the springs as you wish. Then glue the stems and leaves where they overlap and add the pearl embellishments to resemble berries. Tie a ribbon around the stems and you’re done.{found on stayathomeartist}




The star is an important symbol for Christmas and it has remained almost unchanged over the years. But this doesn’t mean you can’t improvise a little when it comes to materials and small details. For example, you can make some felted star ornaments for your Christmas tree using templates or improvising. You can add beading or all sorts of other decorations if you like and you can use any color you want.{found on purblee}.



For this fun project you’ll need peach felt, white felt black, red, green, yellow and blue scraps, black perle cotton, a hand stitching needle, templates and a marking pen. Cut out the felt shapes and stitch the topper pieces for each ornament along with Snoopy’s ears, Lucy’s hair, Charlie’s shirt stripe and Linus’ hat. Draw the faces and details and embroider them on each piece. Add the perle cotton pieces and glue them to the inside of the back pieces. Place the fronts and backs together and stitch all the way around them.{found on alittlegray}.



For this project you’ll need red, white gold and black felt, black embroidery floss, dental floss, wire, glue and black buttons. Cut out the shapes from the templates and stitch them together. Make the hangers using wire. Glue the cuffs on the jacket and pants, the belt buckle and all the toher tiny pieces. Add the tiny black buttons and the finishing touches.{found on womansday}.



Make ornaments for each member of the family with their initials on and make sure everyone is happy with year’s Christmas tree. Here’s what you have to do: Choose some colorful pieces of felt and trace the ornament shapes. Cut out the pieces. Print out the letters you want to use, trace them onto the felt and cut out the felt letters. Sew the letters to the front pieces of the ornaments and then sew the fronts and backs together. Don’t forget the hanging loop.{found on sayyestohoboken}.


These are a perfect way to make special memories….put the date on the back


If you want something simple and yet personalized, you can try embroidering the hand prints of your children, friends or family members and turning them into ornaments. Trace the hand prints on paper, cut them out and trace them onto felt. Embroider them and personalize them with monograms or anything else you want.{found on emptybobbinsewing}.



Even though this seems like a tedious project it’s actually easier to make than it looks. The materials needed are a piece of wool felt in bright pink, one in ecru, a water soluble marking pen, a ruler, two spools of cotton thread in the two colors mentioned earlier and template plastic. First trace the circle and triangle onto he template plastic and cut them out. Trace the circle on both the white and pink felt and cut out the shapes. Cut a strip of felt for the hanging loop. Trace the lines as shown on the white piece of felt. You can also improvise. Sew along the marks and trim out the thread ends then cut to within 1/8th of an inch around all of the stitching.{found on purlbee}.


Some projects are just too cute to ignore. I mean, how can you resist these cuddly little faces and these cute little Christmas trees with their tiny branches and felted bodies? Decorations such as these ones will definitely put a smile or everyone’s face making Christmas a holiday full of joy and cheer. We’re not saying that you should put up a felt Christmas tree instead of a real one although that could be an interesting option. Just find a place worthy of these unique decorations.


We’ll start with this collection of cuddly felt characters. One of them is a Christmas tree and its friends are the reindeer, elf and Santa. You can find out how to craft each one of them by following the tutorials on Homanathome. For the felt Christmas tree you’ll need some yarn, small pom poms, green felt, yellow felt, a glue gun and scissors.


The tree ornaments featured on Buddlycrafts are really cute too. They’re made of green and brown felt and they’re decorated with colored buttons that look like ornaments. You can either hang these in your actual Christmas tree or insert a craft stick or skewer into the base of the trees and then into a large wooden bead or sewing bobbin.


You can decide how to display the felt Christmas tree featured on Thenerdswife later. For now, let’s see how you can craft something just like this. You’ll need light green, white, red, orange, yellow, blue and dark green felt and scissors. You can also use glue although it would also be fun to turn this into a project for the kids and let them redecorate the trees as many times as they want.



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2017 New Years Resolutions

Most of us do it every year, we make personal promises to ourselves, and I’m not any different. I have so many plans for this next year to share with you. Here are some I am going to be doing. The first one is the first I do for sure. There are some of you waiting for me to be the ‘guinea pig’, trying the Rustoleum Cabinet Kit. So I will be doing that before anything else. The next projects…not in any particular order…

  • Painting Family Room Cabinets
  • Painting Counter Top in Family Room
  • Remove Popcorn Ceiling
  • Fan Makeover
  • Staining Concrete Patio
  •  Mosaic Tile Concrete by Front Door
  •  Carpet Removal/Lay Flooring
  •  Total Bathroom Makeover on a dime
  •  Add Decorative Stone to blocks on Mailbox

I know I will be adding to this list as I go. Of course I will still be doing crafts, home decor, up cycles, re purposing, and of course all the different holiday crafts.

I do want to take this time to let you all know how much I appreciate your following my blog. The past 4 months since starting this.. It is so much fun for me to share with you all my projects. I am so looking forward to a New Year filled with surprises!

I also want to let all of you know how much I enjoy your sites. From the awesome cooks who tempt me daily with their awesome recipes….to the travelers who take me along on their journeys with their amazing photos and stories.Then the personal journeys others are taking…and the fun blogs that make me smile….thank you so much. I cannot tell you how much pleasure I get reading all of your blogs with my coffee each morning!

I wish all of you a amazing 2017, and hope all your dreams come true!

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Yardstick Crafts


Fashion modern office supplies with vintage personality using yardsticks. To make the clipboard, remove the clip from a purchased clipboard by drilling out the rivets. Cut yardsticks into approximate lengths to cover the clipboard, then use wood glue to secure them to the board. Clamp and let dry. Trim excess yardstick from the edges using a router. Use screws to reattach the clip.


Yardstick Vase

For the petite vase, we cut a yardstick into 3-inch lengths and used Gorilla Glue to secure the pieces around a small almond tin. A rubber band kept the sticks in place while the glue dried.You could also use a aluminum can.


  • 2 yardsticks
  • Table saw or handsaw
  • Drill and bit
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain and rag (optional)
  • Yarn
  • Yarn needle
  • Wood glue
  • Paper clips

Get out your power tools and sewing supplies to make this cute pencil cup in four easy steps.

Click here for the step-by-step how-to.



Table Topper

This table topper is sure to spark conversation. We used a planer to ensure our yardsticks were all the same thickness. If you don’t have access to a planer, select yardsticks that are the same thickness. We secured the sticks to the top of a purchased table with wood glue, letting the sticks overhang the edges and securing with clamps until dry. We used a router to trim the sticks flush with the table edge, and then sanded smooth. If desired, top with a clear sealer.



On the Shelf

We used yardsticks to dress up a plain shelf. We cut a piece of plywood the length of the shelf by about 10 inches wide, then cut and attached yardstick pieces to it using wood glue and staggering the bottom edges. After clamping and letting dry, we secured coat hooks to the board and screwed the shelf on top of the board. We were able to use the shelf hardware to hang, but you could attach new hangers to the back of the board if needed.


Yardstick Wainscoting

A striking alternative to traditional beaded board, wainscoting fashioned from yardsticks offers one-of-a-kind architectural charm. Use 1-inch medium density fiberboard or desired wood for vertical stiles, cap, and base. We cut our base to 6 inches wide and nailed it in place. Next we trimmed and sanded all yardsticks to the exact same length, and cut our 4-inch-wide vertical stiles to that length as well. Then we nailed 12–14 yardsticks to the wall above the baseboard, followed by a vertical stile, then more yardsticks, vertical stile, and so on. To finish, we topped with a 4-inch horizontal board, then a 1×2-inch cap. Varnish if desired.

TIP: Depending on condition and character, expect to pay $1–$4 each for yardsticks at flea markets and antiques stores. Or snatch large lots on and pay less per stick. You can also purchase at the large home improvement stores.


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My Christmas Wish

I’m sitting here and looking out the window at the beautiful blue skies above. The mountains surrounding my city is filled with beautiful white snow. It’s Christmas eve, and I just wanted to send you a quick note to wish you all a magical, wonderful, Merry Christmas!

I started my blog Aug 28, and in the few short months, I have met some really fabulous, interesting people through my site and my reading others. I am so thankful to all of you who have been following my journey! I love all your comments and your interesting ideas.

Beginning the New Year I have big plans. I will be trying the Rustoleum Cabinet kit first, as I promised some readers..I will also be painting sinks, scrapping off popcorn ceilings, applying tile, staining concrete, more countertops, among my regular crafts.

Merry Christmas….and my wish to all of you is a healthy, fabulous New Year!

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Snowflakes ‘Updated’

I have had such a wonderful day! I am filled with the Christmas spirit! First I had a young friend of mine come over and do snowflakes with me! Then, a couple came over with their precious 1 yr old baby girl….ahh..I just melted holding her. Showing her all the musical stuffed animals and snow globes. Her eyes were as big as saucers, as she was so fascinated with everything! Her visit made my year!

So back to the snowflakes…the first one is one you are already aware of… snowflakes out of coffee filters…right? This is Mariah…flattening out the coffee filter….


Fold in half, and keep folding till you have a small triangle

You then cut little triangles or circles…

this is what it looks like when your finished…dscn4056

and that turns into this

The next snowflakes are awesome!!!!


What do you think of this one? Tomorrow we are adding fluorescent glitter all over it!

Here is what you need….pkg of brown paper lunch bags, and glue..we used white glue….both found at the dollar store..It’s better if you can find the white lunch bags…they were out, so we used the brown.


The second one we made came out fuller…we used 10 bags. Start by laying out one bag, front side up, and make a line of glue across the top then down…forming a T. .


Then put the next bag on top of the glued bag. Continue with glue, then bag until you reach the last bag

This was the hard part….getting Mariah to wait for the glue to dry.

When dry, cut a ‘tree top’  through all 10 bags at the top. If you can’t cut through all 10, just lift up some and cut a few at a time.

It will look like this…


I was getting excited…I forgot to take pictures of the next step. But all you do is cut 2 small triangles below the larger one you just cut out. Then you carefully spread the bags apartdscn4075

….oops, still wet glue….and like a fan, you connect the ends with glue. See above how she is spreading the bags. Spread out to make a fan….


Then you will meet both sides together of the fan…to form a circle…See how glue was added to one side…




These are big stars. Cover with glitter…Big and beautiful!!!

What do you think?

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5 chocolats chauds!

I’m listening to carols on the radio, and I see this post from, A girl with chocolate Wow! Now I am bathing in the Christmas Spirit. Carols, hot chocolate, and friends..can it get any better…

une fille & du chocolat

Helloo! Je suis en pleins examens ces temps-ci, alors j’essaierai de faire de mon mieux pour aller sur le blog cette semaine. Par contre, comme je vous le disais, mon plus grand réconfort durant une grosse période d’examens et de stress, c’est le chocolat chaud! Je ne sais pas pour vous, mais lorsque je bois une bonne boisson chaude, je me sens plus relaxée et ça me permet de prendre une pause pour siroter tranquillement ma boisson. Malgré que je me tannerais sans doute jamais du goût du chocolat chaud, je vous propose 5 recettes pour changer un peu de la routine!

Au caramel


  • 400ml de lait
  • 100g de chocolat au lait
  • Une pincée de sel de mer
  • 1 cuillère à soupe de caramel

Premièrement, vous verser le lait dans une casserole qui est à température moyenne. Ensuite, au fur et à mesure, vous ajouter le chocolat, le sel…

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