Say It With Lights

With the holidays just around the corner, this is a way to get a jump on it in a very creative way. This festive wire word is wrapped in lights to illuminate any dark space with some holiday cheer! You can customize the word to the choice of your liking and paint it any color you wish! It’s crazy what a little wire and battery powered lights can do!

Now this isn’t the easiest project to do, but is so’s how you begin.First, this is what you will need for the project..


-9 Gauge Utility Wire
-Spray Paint (if you wish)
-Wire Cutters / Pliers
-Battery Powered LED lights


Print out the word of your choice in a font you like to get a nice guideline for how you will need to shape your letters. Then get to shaping! I bent the wire with my hands and the pliers as needed. It gets a little crazy, but it really isn’t too difficult. I suggest not cutting the wire until you are done seeing that you won’t know how much you will need.



Any wires that cross and won’t stay in place you can tie together with a much smaller sized wire. Just twist it around their meetings points and voila!


Once you have reached the end of your word simply cut the wire free from the rest of the pile.


Spray paint your word in the color of your choice. I chose copper seeing that my battery powered lights were copper wired. This way it helped in blending them together.


Wrap your battery powered lights around the entire word making sure to not wrap too tightly so that the wire can stretch to the end of the word. Depending on your word you may need to get smaller or shorter lights to cover the surface.



It looks good whether lit or not! So magical! This is really another project I would love to gift to some people! You know this could really be used year round. I may have to make some more words and scatter them throughout the house… thank you Amanda for your fabulous creation!!

This project was designed by Amanda C, Hometalk TeamHometalker  Brooklyn, NY




  1. I could do this in the shop…spelling out the name “Fox and Finch” and I liked the comment above regarding a nightlight. I would write out “Sweet Dreams” or something else restful.


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