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Christmas Tree For The Office

I have made and shown you easy crafts that almost anyone can do. For all you non-believers- in- your- self’s out there, this one is for you!!

Perfect for the office Christmas Time… Christmas Trees made from Post Its …

You can add pictures of everyone in your office on the tree :


Or just with different colors….


Decorating made easy for your office!



22 thoughts on “Christmas Tree For The Office

  1. Good idea Kelley 🙂
    I have visited your blog several times, but because of the posts, as you have in the top with dates in October, I thought you didn’t create any new posts. Today I did roll a little…


      1. I see your frontpage of kelleysdiy, where you have some posts highlighted in the top. I didn’t go further. I do read and/or follow very many blogs, so I see the top posts of your blog and if this looks like one, I already did see, I close the page and go on to next blog. It is time consuming to read and/or follow so many blogs, so I don’t use much time to search extra so often.

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