Gumdrops n’ Lollipops

I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet….so why am I doing Christmas crafts? Well, blame it on the dollar store! I went in there yesterday with a friend, and saw all the Christmas stuff, and I got excited!  My brain started going into over drive. I saw these balls….


Then an idea struck! Now my friends know, that if I get that look in my eyes, just let me go,and do my thing… I left my friend and headed for the garden section. There I purchased some terra cotta pots…the larger size has 2 in the package…I decided to use 3 on my little project. I’m not going to tell you the next isle I went down, or it will give it away.

I took the pots and painted them white.


I then put some Styrofoam cubes in the pots. ( I had purchased 1 block at the dollar store and cut into 3 pieces.

Then I started applying candy…..yep…4 bags….do you know what I did now???


I took the candy cane ornaments (front left) and broke off the hook -like end to give me a straight candy cane shape. I put the 3 different candies on the balls, as you can see above.

I put hot glue on one end of the candy cane ornament, and stuck it into a open area in each ball. I then put hot glue on the other end, and stuck it into the pot.


Please don’t mind my messy mess.I used some red paper bag filler to put on top of the Styrofoam inside the pot. I added some silver tinsel, cut up, with the red.

Another option, I was thinking of, was painting a longer  dowel and using that instead. Then tying a  pretty ribbon on the dowel under the candy balls.

So this is what I ended up with….


I added some rhinestone ribbon around the pots….(dollar store).I used 1 bag for the gumdrops, and 1 bag for the peppermints…I used 2 bags of gumballs.

So…what do you think…

I did spray the balls with Rustoleum Clear Coat Sealer…….to keep the bugs away.

Here are some pretty crafty people who liked my idea and  created their own version of mine….

The first is from:

Nadine Bourne from Farmersville, Ca

Thought I’d share my version. all stuff from the dollar store except the dowels I used for the tree stem. My dollar tree didn’t have the flower pots but I think these mercury look jars worked just fine. and I really didn’t want to do candy. the temptation to eat as I worked was too great.


the next came from  Chescat123 from Canada:


Both are so beautiful….thank you so much for sending to me!




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