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Exciting News

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you some wonderful news!! My Witches Brew Wreath…

Witches Brew

Won 1st Place in ‘Halloween Spectacular Challenge!!! I am so excited! There were soo many wonderful entries. I am just so excited, I had to share with you!! I’m so proud of myself.


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    1. Wow! What a boost to my ego…that is sooo sweet. There were so many wonderful entries..I didn’t think I would win, really. Now I can get a new dryer and water heater!! God smiled on me 😉

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  1. Hello !! Hope you are doing well .

    I just released my anthology – Behind Smiles – what all we hide.
    It is a collection of 21 poems.

    Visit the link to know more. Do have a copy and share ur feedback then.

    You can review the book after reading on the same link. I will wait to hear from you.


    I will be glad to see you having a copy. I will eagerly wait for your review.

    Also i would like to tell u that till 15 nov the book is available for free download on amazon kindle. You will not have to pay anything.

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