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Ideas in Laundry Room

Start saving all your lint from your dryer! Also toilet paper rolls…

I have been doing this for years….they are great fire starters for your fire pits. Just stuff them with the lint…toss them in among the wood…and sit back and enjoy the fire.

If you read my idea on how to make fabric softener sheets… https://kelleysdiy.com/2016/10/03/make-your-own-dryer-sheets/…..anyway, I recently purchased the Tide packets

DSCN3616 (1).JPG

Well, I think these containers they come in are pretty cool. Here is what I did to dress them up


I first sprayed on 2 coats of white spray paint so whole container was white. You can do whatever you like to dress them up. My laundry room is a turquoise and white. So I took some acrylic paint and my pouncer, and started making polka dotsdscn3653

You can totally remove the top and make a planter out of it.

Speaking of polka dots….You can take a piece of cardboard and cut out a big circle from it. You can use this as a stencil to paint large polka dots on your washer and dryer…wouldn’t that be fun.



24 thoughts on “Ideas in Laundry Room

  1. hello kellysdiy its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada sayvs the toylet payper rolls too but he duz not stuf them and bern them he yoozed to giv them to my sister saya to choo on but i am not shoor wot he duz with them now!!! perhaps he is bilding a fort!!! ok bye

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