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Chairs UpCycled

These chairs are from a waiting room that they were going to throw out. You have seen these chairs probably in every waiting room you have been in….


Would you take them home? If so, what would you do with them? Well, the first thing was to remove/replace that ugly tweed fabric and padding inside.

Then pick out a paint color you like. I went with the same paint color on the wood. Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2x Satin Spray in Oasis Blue…Take your time…do 2 light coats, letting them dry in between coats. Then follow up with a couple of light coats of poly, letting dry in between coats.

The complimenting fabric is a high end outdoor fabric (that I had leftover from a previous job).  These would be perfect for a covered porch or patio.  The cost is the cost of a can of spray paint. Here they are now!


What I am trying to say is….think outside the box. If it is in good condition, and you could use them when finished…what a steal! Get your stapler ready….upholstery is easy. If you have any questions…happy always to answer.



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