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Halloween-The Day After

It’s the day after….everyone here is pretty tired. The doggies are exhausted! All the barking and running to the door, they really got their exercise last night!


This is Diesel last night…


Diesel is so tired, and that is truly remarkable. He always has so much energy, following me all over the house…not today! Then there is the baby, Gidget…


This is Gidget , she thinks she is the boss!




Moms everywhere trying to limit the candy intake…but somehow, no matter how hard they try, the kids seem to eat more then they should. As my sons were growing up, I always felt the greatest respect for the teachers that had to deal with  the hyped up/tired kids the next day at school.We should applaud them, as moms get their time out!

I hope everyone out there had a fun Halloween. I just love handing out the candy to the children. Their all dressed up in their favorite character…and they just looked adorable.

Did you have a great time last night?


10 thoughts on “Halloween-The Day After

  1. Thank you for finding our blog and following us. Mom says she likes some of the neat things you have made. We actually like dogs so Mom showed us the pictures of your fur people. We got kind of tired from Halloween, too. We told Mom we were not dressing up in anything so she didn’t even try. Mom’s smart! 🙂

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