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Fall Table Decorations

I found these cute little terra cotta flowerpots at the dollar store…3 for a dollar…wow! I just knew I had to grab some up. You just never know when stuff will come in handy.


Using the same Metallic Gold spray paint as I used in the Pumpkin Frame


I painted the flower pots inside and out. These aren’t going to be used outside. So I didn’t soak them in water, etc.

I then started pouncing orange polka dots on the pot:


So fun and easy. I let the paint dry. I then added some filler….a small pumpkin…and there you go! This is so cute on your tablescape for the fall holidays!


I was thinking….wouldn’t this look cute with a name tag hanging from it? Or you can take a toothpick and foam paper and make name tags.

So what do you think of this little pot?



16 thoughts on “Fall Table Decorations

    1. Thank you so much. I try to give people as much detail as possible, including my Tips. Which I might say…are good tips also, I try to keep my stuff simple. I love making pretty stuff …as inexpensively as possible… I can be walking with a couple paint sticks in my hand,and that’s how I came up with the paint storage project…Easy & Fun

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    2. Well, you could always spray paint over it, and start again! Kids make the best of the mementos…don’t they! I still have my oldest first drawings, etc..I couldn’t part with them.

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