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Candy Corn Crafts

I was fooling around with candy corn pieces…I loved these as a kid…yum! Anyway, I came up with a cute little ‘porqupine’  like ball that you can place on top of most anything. I put mine on a small terra cotta pot.


Doesn’t it look cute! All you need is a Styrofoam ball, orange paint, and candy corn. I started by painting the ball orange…toilet paper rolls come in soo handy!


While it was drying I took some pussy willow branches and started removing the furry little catkins…


When you remove them all, this is what they look like


Where they were…those notches as you see above…that is where you hot glue your candy corn onto.


You glue on the bottoms of the candy corn onto the ball….so easy! Look at all that candy corn…I’m being good, not eating any.


The smaller candle holder on the right is holding one of those led tealight candles..You can put the ball of candy corn on top of  it for another look. I was putting it on top of my mercury candle holders and it looked stunning….have fun with it!


So many things you can do with candy corn….if you can keep from eating them all!!!


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