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Adorable Scarecrow Centerpiece

I wanted to create a centerpiece for my coffee table for the fall season.I was thinking…scarecrows and sunflowers. I went to a craft store…where I purchased a cute 21″ Scarecrow, a large Sunflower, and a bouquet of sunflowers.

I purchased a block of Styrofoam and used a urn planter I already had. Stick the Styrofoam in the center. Put in the Scarecrow…then the sunflower to look like he is holding it. Then I used a wire cutter to separate the  flowers off the bouquet. This is what it looks like when finished….


Isn’t this just totally adorable…I love this little guy…holding a sunflower. This was such a easy project to do..and one you can keep year after year. If you have any questions about this…please let me know!


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