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Doggie Gear Storage

I have two doggies…Gidget and Diesel. They have collected so many harnesses, leashes, etc over the years…



I wanted to figure out a storage solution for the items we always use. I wanted them to be easy to see and grab what I needed when heading out the door. Convenience and Organization….here is my solution to putting these things in the closet, by the front door.


It’s one of those hook with velcro over a closet pole. I am pretty sure it is for shoes….but look at how easy it is for me. I not only can see everything, but I can grab stuff without digging or searching for anything. I am sooooo happy with this. Gidget has lots of harnesses as you can see, but they are put in a row, and Diesels is on the other side! Love it.


And yes…Gidget has her place in my closet. I have a walk in closet and her stuff I put on the lower pole and with a small pole and 2 chains I made a second hanging area…her clothes are small. And no, I don’t dress her up all the time.
So I hope some of you can use this storage solution…You can get those shoe holders under 7.00 at Walmart, and they are pretty!


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