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Are you looking for a scary halloween decoration? You only need 4 items for this one! So easy, your kids can do it!

First you need a empty, cleaned out 2 liter soda bottle. Remove the wrappings


Next get some heavy wire…it has to be strong enough to hold up light  material. You will need about 1 1/2′. fold lightly in half and stick in bottle about 2 inches. Bring the wire out to each side….


Now you will need a head…you can use a round Styrofoam ball or I used a large Easter Egg and painted it white. Next with a black marker, you draw a scary face. I drew the eyes like big apostrophes. Then a upside down V and a mouth…..I then hot glued it to the top of bottle.


Then I took some really thin material/or cheesecloth, and laid it over the whole thing….this is what I ended up with…


BOO!!!!   Add a Glow Stick to the bottle at night for a cool glow!!!