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A City Saddened

I live in the city of Palm Springs, Ca. It is a small community that was turned upside down two days ago when 2 officers were killed and another injured. Officer Vega, a 63 year father of eight and 35 years on the force. Officer Zerebeny 27, she just returned from maternity leave.They were responding to a family disturbance Saturday morning.

This was happening just a few blocks away….helicopters circling the perimeter into the night. Officers from all over responded….streets were filled with officers. It was so scary. The swat team didn’t force themselves into the house where suspect was, even though 3 officers were shot.

It all started when the officers received a call from the mother of a adult son who was causing a disturbance. The officers were at the front door trying to negotiate  to the suspect to just comply. Instead of opening the door. he shot over 100 rounds into the door killing the two officers and wounding one other.

After 12 hours…John Felix 26, was taken into custody unharmed. He was in full body armor.He was a known gang member and had been in custody before.

Last night there was a candlelight vigil. Hundreds of people were there, mourning the senseless death of these two officers. There were so many flowers, candles and tokens of appreciation…it looked as if a president had died.

I have lived in this town almost my whole life. The last time a police officer was shot was 54 years ago. This is a town that is shocked and saddened. Our city values our police officers. Besides being officers, they are wonderful members of our community.

I am so saddened with the loss of these officers. I also have so much respect for all the officers who came out to support their fellow officers. You hear so much negativity on the news about some police officers. Not in this town!!! I can not speak for them. But I will speak for these beloved officers that were gunned down.

Our city will truly miss them. What is truly alarming is the police found dozens of clips and automatic weapons….how people like this get guns???

So today and since I like so many others, are driving with their headlights on to show their respect for these officers.


5 thoughts on “A City Saddened

  1. I hope the wounded officer recovers well. I assume the culprit will receive justice It’s just a shame that never helps the victims or those they leave behind.
    As to how someone like that gets weapons. I assume if he hasn’t been convicted of a crime before he’d have no problem since there is no gun control.
    I feel very sorry for your community shocked and sickened by this act. I hope it never happens again.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    1. Actually he was arrested before attempting to shoot someone but missed. His sentence was reduced. He spent 2 years in jail for assault and being gang related. Officer Vega was going to retire in December.


      1. It is soo depressing…a daughter that will not see her mommy again…and another family so incredibly saddened…As the tears swell up…I never felt so sad and mad at the same time.


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