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Up Cycled Frame

I have seen these wire frames in stores and fell in love with them.But they are sooo expensive. You can make this, and use these for pictures or mementos, so many possibilities.If you have a old frame…this is a great idea to reuse.


I started with an old picture and removed the glass, picture and cardboard from the back. On the back of the frame there was a bunch of staples, so I removed them with needle nose pliers. I painted the frame with chalk paint. I let it dry and then turned over to apply the chicken wire.


This is the wire I purchased at a home improvement store. But I have seen it also at craft stores and Walmart


I put the frame on top of the chicken wire to size and cut. I used a wire cutter for this which made it easy. Just be careful with the wire, it bites!
After I cut the wire to size, I placed the wire over the back of the frame and began to staple, keeping the wire taut.
I was so happy with how it turned out. Then I had another idea. I took the cardboard I had removed from the back of the frame and covered it with some contact paper I had left over from another project. Wallpaper would work also….even material.
I love it! With the paper behind it made it more chic. This is a very easy craft to do. And you save so much money doing it yourself.


You can do with or without the contact paper behind the wire. These pictures were taken last Easter.  Enjoy making this easy craft.




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