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Headband Holder

I made this headband holder for all the headbands I made for my granddaughter. All you need is a round oatmeal cylinder, some material, dowel, ribbons, paint, and a piece of wood for the base.


This project was so easy. I covered the oatmeal cylinder with material, leaving a couple of inches on each side. Reminds me of a tootsie roll. Tie one end with a ribbon. Keep the other end open, this is the side with the lid. Keep the lid off for now. Then figure how long you want the dowel, cut if needed. Paint the dowel and the base. Now, cut a small hole into the fabric and oatmeal cylinder. This will be for the dowel to go into. Insert the dowel. Now your going to hot glue all around the dowel inside the cylinder. Be sure the glue has dried before going on to the next step. When finished, put lid back on, and add a ribbon to that side. I cut out butterflies with a punch and glued onto the base and up he dowel. She loves butterflies!



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