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I just love this mirror I made….it shines and sparkles so pretty! It’s very easy to make:

skewer mirror.JPG

All you need to make this mirror is:
1 Package of skewers (you can purchase these at your grocery store)
1 -7″ mirror for the center…craft store
1- 7″ Embroidery Hoop (craft store)
Rustoleum Mirror Finish
1 pkg assorted small craft mirrors (craft store)
1 pkg medium craft mirrors (craft store
Hot Glue
Wire for hanging
I started off by painting the embroidery hoop and skewers. A easy way I found to spray the skewers was by poking them about 1/2 into a piece of Styrofoam I had.

You only need one of the embroidery hoops. (one without the metal).
I then traced the mirror onto a piece of cardboard.This cardboard circle now becomes the back of the mirror, and what you will glue the skewers and mirror onto. I took a 4 inch piece of wire and poked both ends ( about 1 apart) into the cardboard, through to the back side and twisted ends. This creates a loop to hang mirror. I then began hot gluing the skewers, pointed end, onto the cardboard. I alternated the skewers into 2 lengths. When I was finished putting the skewers on, I glued the mirror onto the the cardboard with the skewers.
I then glued (and be very careful doing this so the glue doesn’t show) the embroidery hoop onto the mirror.
I glued the small mirror circles all around. I put this by my front door. The sun shines in through the window, and there is so much sparkle.
I hope you enjoy doing this project….so fun!


Pics don’t show very well how much they sparkle. Oh my do they sparkle from the light. So beautiful. I am so proud of myself



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